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Sachin Tendulkar Completes 22 years of International Cricket

Sachin completes 22 years of International cricketing career… Here are 100 reasons why India loves him… 1. He has always made India proud 2. He has countless records 3. He is a great ambassador of the game 4. His career

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We are World Champions

Cricket is something which unites us irrespective of caste, color, creed, religion or language… This is one game we take it soo serious that we make our players Villan’s when they loose and break their house… And we make them

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Bid Aideu Murali

I remember it was 1994 (I was 14 years then)and i went to visit my uncle in Trichy. Since my uncle was busy he left me in one of our family friends house & asked his friends son to take

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Moment of Pride for Chennaites

This is certainly a moment of pride for Chennaites. CSK Rocks!!!

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Lost 500 Bucks

When Chennai was in loosing spree at Indian Premier League 3 (IPL3) I was getting rich as I bet against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and won all the monies. It is not that I’m against CSK and infact I’m great

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Significance of March 10 – For Cricket Fans

There are several significant dates in Indian cricket history. Take June 25 for instance. A later generation would easily remember it as the day that India won the World Cup in England in 1983, while deeper followers of the game

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Happy Birthday Yuvraj

Today must be an enjoyable day for lot many reasons like;  It is birthday of my icon Rajini Kanth. Had a lot of productive meeting in office. Visited CEO LifeStyle’09 in Chennai Trade Centre & enjoyed it very much. India

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