Special Invite for Brand YOU Workshop Intro – Create

YOU are a Brand. A Brand that needs to be marketed to the outside world with as much professionalism, as much Strategic Planning as other successful Brands that you see and use daily.

YOU are a Brand. Whether YOU are a Student, a Corporate Professional, an Entrepreneur or a Small Businessman. YOU mean something to the outside world. Whether YOU intend to or not, YOU are sending messages to the world about who YOU are, what YOU stand for, what your personality is, in what way YOU are different from others etc.

If YOU do not consciously make an effort to shape your image, the world will prepare an image about YOU, an image that may or may not work in your best interests.

Welcome to the world of Brand YOU. Want to learn more?

Attend the Brand YOU Workshop at Chennai, India and see how it can help YOU:

  • understand what your personal traits are
  • decide who YOU really want to be
  • work out a road map to get there

You can apply your learnings to:

  • stand up for what is important to you and stand out in a crowd
  • focus your energy on meeting your top priorities
  • make your career grow within your organization or your industry
  • improve your chances of getting a job
  • improve your business
  • improve the perception of YOU by your peer group or your business associates

In the Brand YOU Workshop you will learn proven Marketing and Branding Strategies used by successful brands all over the world and understand how to apply them to yourself so that you create your own successful brand Brand YOU. In this workshop you will not only get an exhaustive introduction to the world of Personal Branding, it will also help you work out (through interactive exercises) your own personal Brand YOU Action Plan

If you would like to know more about the Structure and Format of the Workshop, do drop in for a FREE Introduction to the Workshop.

The Intro will happen on

Date : 11th April 2009 (Saturday)

Time : 4.30p.m. to 6.00p.m


Andhra Chamber of Commerce

First floor Hall,

“Velagapudi Ramakrishna Bldg”,

23, 3rd cross street,

West C.I.T. Nagar,

Nandanam, Chennai 600035.

Directions: If you’re coming from Saidapet on Mount Road, take left turn just before DSC Hyundai Showroom. It is the 3rd bldg off Mount Rd. If you’re coming from Nandanam signal on Mount Road, take U turn just before Saidapet Bus Terminus and then take the left indicated.

The Main Brand YOU Workshop is scheduled for 25th and 26th April, 2009 at Chennai, India. Pricing details of the workshop will be announced during the Introduction session of the workshop.

For more information, call Milind Jadhav on +91 98840 56988 or email him at writetomilind@gmail.com .

About the Organiser:
The Workshop is being conducted by Milind Jadhav, a seasoned Advertising and Marketing professional who is now into training as well.

You can see Milind Jadhav’s profile at the following link:

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