Cooking my new Initiative!!

I’ve reached a stage in life that almost all my friends are married / engaged / committed. They no longer have time for me as friendship has taken a backseat. Now-a-days I find a lot of time during weekends than before and I think I must spend them wisely. So I’ve developed couple of hobbies to spend my time wisely. So these are some activities which I’ve engaged myself at present; 

  • Blogging
  • Travelling and
  • Photography

But I don’t think those activities are sufficient because they don’t keep me engaged during weekdays. Yes I still find some time during weekdays and I think can learn cooking so that I can specialize in some recipe…

So you might wonder why this sudden interest?

There is couple of reasons. 

  • I’ve been a foodie for long since I drive a lot during weekends and will try our in different restaurants.
  • When I slowed down my driving for last one year that got compensated thru travelling where in I tried different eat outs at different places.
  • Then in Madurai I normally I eat out at different places and got excited by seeing different family joints specializing in different recipe.
  • Then next inspiration came after reading how Colonel Harland Sanders evolved his friend chicken recipe.

After this I thought why not I learn some recipe and specialize that. Now after considering these cases I’ve zeroed on a recipe which I can specialize. 

  • Egmore Alsa Mall Sandwitch
  • Taj Coromandel Ghilee Briyani
  • Ambur Khaja Restaurant Briyani
  • Madurai Amma Mess Briyani
  • Madurai Chapathi Park Chapatti’s
  • Madurai Ayyapan Kadai’s Dosa’s
  • Sindhi’s Dhinsha
  • KFC Chicken

Sindhi_biryaniSo being a Vegetarian my options are limited but I didn’t want to restrict my options and I thought Briyani would be my choice and I’m planning to buy all kitchen kits and start cooking once I reach Madurai.

Let me mark this blog today and see when I evolve my cooking skills and come out with a unique recipe and carve a niche for myself.

Until then wish me best LUCK!!!!

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