Toddy Tasting

When ever I’m in Madurai one thing I never miss tastes Padaneer (Palm Wine). I can’t say tasting as I use to have 4-5 glass of it mainly to beat the heat wave. Palm wine is a seasonal drink which is available between March – June of every year.

DSC01198DSC01203I normally go to this vendor in the picture to have the drink and he has become my friend. It is sad that he will have his shop only for next one week as season has come to and end. The real fun in having padaneer from his shop is the consuming it the traditional way palm leaf along with Palm jelly and one must experience the taste.

The person who sells this drink says he use to lease some 100 trees from government and is producing this Palm Wine. He says they are into this business for last 40 years and it was started during his father’s days and he has taken over from his father for last two years. He says he will be into this business for 3 months and remaining 9 months he works as a Painter in Coimbatore.

He says when he was a kid palm trees and tree climbers were in abundant. Because of this demand for pal was very less. But over the times palm trees have drastically come down because of highway projects, road widening, canal projects etc.

Also palm tree climbers have started taking other profession as the scope for this profession is not that exciting. So he says demand for Palm wine / Jelly has risen drastically.

My body is prone to heat boils during summer. Since this drink is not available in Chennai normally I use to have Jaljeera water & Cucumber a lot. But this time in Madurai I has real Palm wine for the first time and also drank to the extent I wanted to. It really helped to cool down my body heat and prevented me from heat boils this time. Let me cherish this wonderful drink to the maximum until it comes to a close for the season.

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