Sleepy & Enjoyable Sunday

It has been long that I slept like a mad guy. Last week I was enjoying researching about Internet Marketing & Offline marketing and I had to work till late hours. So I was deprived of good sleep the whole week. 

Yesterday I didn’t have any calls from friends to party and after visiting CEO LifeStyle’09 I straight went to my home & after having brief calls with friends I immediately crashed to bed by around 11.30 in the night and got up only by 4.30 evening the next day. Nothing can compensate for a undisturbed sleep and again I must thank my friends for not disturbing me for week end outings. 

Then I got a call from Balaji by 4:30 which was the wakeup call and also I didn’t want to sleep any longer. Also it has been a long time since I’ve been with Balaji. I always enjoyed hanging around with Balaji as we shared common thoughts. But since he is engaged I didn’t want to take much of his time and I stopped calling him out.

Since he called me and asked if we can go out for a movie? I accepted the invitation without thinking a second. So we both were hungry and we drove to mayajaal and booked tickets for Rocket Singh & went for dinner. For the first time I can say I have had a delicious food at mayajaal food court. 

I & Balaji spoke about multiple things that happened in between our previous meeting. So, none of the topic was discussed in detail. 

Then we watched a wonderful movie Rocket Singh and returned back again discussing multiple things. 

Then once reaching our home we bid adieu each other as we enjoyed the day and also went out after a long time.


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