Mistake made me feel great!!!

Yesterday while driving to office I got a call from the person who sold Hotel Accord Metropolitan membership to me… She wished me Happy Birthday & said one more celebrity was celebrating his birthday today and asked did I know who he is???

  • I said it was Shahid Kapoor & she said that was a news for her and she said it was someone else…
  • Then I said it was Premji Ameran & again she said it was a news to her and she said the person was different…

Since I ran out of options she said it was Gautham Vasudev Menon’s birthday too… That made me think more special as he is one of my favorite directors… She said he is also a privileged member like me & she said she has called me after wishing him… I was doubly thrilled to be a a part of a club which had such celebrities & my favorite director as a member…

Then she said there was a complementary cake offered as a gift from the Hotel… Since I was busy treating my folks I asked my office admin to collect the cake form the hotel… The packing was nice and I thought I must share this cake with my parents & sister as I didn’t offer them for my birthday…

When I reached home & opened the box I was in for a shock… I got the cake which was supposedly prepared for Gautam Vasudev Menon :)… Though the cake neither had my name nor the flavor I requested I didn’t get angry… Gautam must have got my cake and would have wondered who Anand Nataraj was?? I just realized that I must have registered my name as AnandNataraj.Com so that he could have at-least hit my blog ;)… Not sure how he reacted or felt about the mix up… I was happy & the cake was really delicious… Gautam was good even in selecting the flavors he choose :)…

This is what i got :)…

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