Transit at London Heathrow!!

Landed at London Heathrow airport for transit!!! Next is another 12 hour flight to SFO!!!


Scared of Layoffs? Then CODE

Keep getting calls from friends that their jobs are at stake because of Automation & AI. In fact a close buddy of mine called me two days back telling his job is at stake.

He said his company has moved out of Peoplesoft and unfortunately his expertise was into it. He said his competency was on the tool and he has lost his touch on coding. His purpose of call was to understand the technology trends and how he has to learn/practice coding.

For a long time Swami & me keep insisting folks who needs an IT career to code. People who get laid off are people who are;

  • Project Managers
  • People Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Manual Software Testers
  • Customer Support Executives

To my knowledge not a single person who is a coder got laid off!!!

How has 2016 shaped up!!!

Started the year without much fanfare, party, expectations, resolutions etc. It was a simply start and spent the whole day at home.

But on business end it was very much happening 45 days, where each and everyday was productive and progressive!!

  • It was time for reinvention for Cogzidel Technologies and a lot is happening there…
  • It is progressive for Cogzidel Consultqncy Services too… A new initiative has be launched and Bala is at his best…
  • We have resumed on the Coffee Shop initiative, a trimmed down version to start with… It is a Coffee Kiosk and we have started the setup process… Happy that a long standing dream has come true… We should be up and running by second week of March…
  • Working on a pilot project for Citizen Journalism initiative… It’s a seven year old initiative and started working on this for a month now… Happy to see the pilot run is showing some momentum… We must be stepping into our Alpha run in 2-3 months from now…
  • Personally working on my Crowd Funding project… Spending less than an hour everyday… Planning to go on to pilot phase once completing the Pilot Run for Citizen Journalism and Coffee Kiosk launch… Might be less than 2 months from now…

Even on personal front it is satisfying;

  • Worked with my mother on wrapping up of banking work…
  • Helped my mother to find vendors for house repair work… Though my mother is taking care of execution, I did the challenging part of finding vendors…
  • Attended family functions along with my mother… Made my mother feel happy as I don’t attend any functions…
  • Spent some quality time with my wife…

So, far I’m happy that I’m able to progress and balance on multiple initiatives. Though there are challenged and stumbling blocks, they are managed and was able to overcome them successfully!!

Today’s The Daily Post: Thanks, Hindsight

Never been so busy!!!

This is a very interesting phase in life where I’m engaged with many parallel things and still enjoying every bit of it!!!

  • Cogzidel Technologies management and daily calls with Sam and other important stakeholders…
  • Working on the Coffee Project. Though Bala is doing the major task, working on plans, calls with Bala, follow ups with Ravi and working on the future roadmap!!!
  • Working with with Dinesh, as usual collaborating with Dinesh on a daily basis, as we are on the pilot run. Working aggressively to move the project to Alpha stage!!!
  • Spending an hour everyday for the new crowdfunding project I’m working.
  • Apart from this the tiny contribution to Wife and Mother…
  • Working with SBI Bank for the home loan processing…
  • Write one blog a day…

Thought there are hiccups, it is interesting as I measure the results on a day basis and working as tasks helps me to measure the progress of every task… 

Never been so engaged. Also I’m enjoying this phase because it doesn’t puts me into stress, because I’m not struck on any engagement and have the option of working with some other task if I’m struck. For example last we(Bala & me)got struck with the Bank Wire Transfer issue and for 3-4 days it was taking us to dead ends… At such times we went out for a movie, blogged the frustration, worked on the coffee project and tried Wire Transfer Task again… Small progress on a daily basis kept us progressing and in a week the task got completed..

Wish this phase busy & interesting phase continues….

The key to success!!!

Knowingly or Unknowingly all my business ventures have been launched before I ready!!

My first venture Agriya;

  • It was started even before I was out of college!!!
  • Never possessed any technical or interpersonal skills!!! 
  • Could call myself a fresher entrepreneur!!

This was a turning point not in my life but also for a bunch of friends and acquaintances who started their own ventures looking at the success of my first venture!!!

My second venture People Justice Magazine!!!

  • Started at the age of 24!!!
  • No idea on how to run a magazine and that too a Tamil one!!!
  • No expertise on collecting news!!!
  • No experience in editorial!!!

The venture failed as I was not full time into it!!! Also the team I formed didn’t connect with the vision I carried!!! I wanted to go digital during 2005 and the team collapsed for the same reason!!! Today it would have been a great if we have changed!!! Anyway the learnings and connects it gave me was stupendous!!! Also we were able to print magazines for 2 years!!!

My third venture Cogzidel Technologies!!!

  • Started at a time I was broke mentally and monetarily!!!
  • Was running through multiple legal battles!!!
  • Wanted to take a spiritual break but couldn’t!!!

Still running the Show!!! Not reached the heights I anticipated!!! But able to run so far and I’m ready to take a great leap!!

My third venture Cogzidel Consultancy Services!!!

  • Started at a time I was broke mentally and monetarily!!!
  • Was running through multiple legal challenges!!!
  • Wanted to take a spiritual break but couldn’t!!!
  • No idea on what to do & how to do with this venture!!
  • Just started with my pain points but was lacking the operation knowledge!!!
  • My partner Bala was lacking the business knowledge and he was not ready too!!!

Today this company is our identity in India!!! Almost every Startups in Chennai should be aware of CCS!!! In less than a year we got the business & operational knowledge and we are working on great things!!!

My fourth venture Movie Production!!!

  • Didn’t know anything about the industry!!!
  • Didn’t have any capital when we started!!!

The movie flopped miserably!!! But I wouldn’t consider it a loss as it was a crowd funded movie and the loss can be substantiated for the experience of being  associated with the industry!!! 

Also can’t call it a failure yet as I’m on a sabbatical and planning to venture back!! This time not as a producer but as a distributor!!!

But in every case I was not ready with Capital or Experience or Knowledge or Team or any other aspects… But as I perceived everything fell in line and things happened!!!

So, I’d tell anyone running behind SUCCESS to blindly believe in the quote!!


PHP Android iOS CSS MySQL Job Openings for Freshers in Madurai

Cogzidel Technologies Pvt Ltd is a boutique IT services company which specialises in Web, Mobile & Wearable Technologies. Cogzidel Technologies has been in existence since 2008 & has built careers for 15000+ young professionals belonging to the rural part of India.

Now we are expanding and we are looking for vibrant youngsters to be a part of Cogzidel family.

Job Position: Developer Trainee

Experience: Fresher

Skills: C/C++, PHP, Android, Java, iOS, CSS, MySQL

Qualification: Any Degree

Location: Madurai


How to apply? Resumes can be emailed to