Killing Them(US) Softly

Choose to seeĀ Killing Them Softly instead of English Vinglish for following reasons;

  • It is a Brad Pitt starrer…
  • Movie got released in India ahead of US (US release happens on November)…
  • BookMyShow.Com gave a thumbs up…
  • IMDB rating was 7.3/10..

But the reality was totally different… I went to watch a movie after 45 days and that was a long time for a movie buff like me who use to watch 2 – 3 movies a week… I was expecting much more from the movie but returned a bit disappointed…

  • First disappointment was Brad Pitt’s intro which happens almost after 30 min…
  • Movie was full of conversation and I was not in a mindset to watch a movie of thisĀ Genre…
  • BookMyShow.Com is the Digital Partner and their thumbs up was misleading…

Finally I enjoyed last 10 min which was Brad’s how and the Closing punch;

America is not a Country it is a Business


Why I Love Inglorious Bastards

Before getting to explain why i like Inglorious Bastards. Let me confess why I watched the movie;

  • First because it was directed by Quentin Tarantino
  • Second for Brad Pitt
  • Third for Melanie Laurent
  • Fourth I Love Jews

Now coming to the movie I can say there is none other to compete Quentin when it comes to narration. The movie has different chapters and it is all well aligned & tried very well in the climax.

Second best aspect in the movie is its Sound Track. There were several chapters and all the chapters had different background score. I particularly loved the background score for the climax.

Third is the performance of the artist. Though I’m a fan of Brad Pitt & he has done his role exceedingly well i must frankly confess that Christoph Waltz has carried away the show with his best performance.

Now how i can stop thinking about Melanie Laurent. I love her performance in the climax where she falls to a German after shooting him. She had expressed fear, arrogance, romance, charm everything i must say she is a beauty angel blessed with great talent. I wish i meet her sometime in my life time.

Inglorious Bastards is on the top 10 hit Hollywood movies list for the year 2009 in India.