Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya Rocks!!!

Last saturday i was dawm tired and still i managed to escape to Vinnai Thandi Varuvayaa. Hectic traveling, roaming in mahabs fair & the mid-night show made me very tired and immediately entering the theatre i slept.

After the movie was over my friends were talking high about the movie and i didnt want to miss it again. I went with the same team to the movie once again yesterday. I enjoyed every part of the movie.

After watching the movie i drew lots of parallels with my life. I’m sure director must have experienced all this in his life and he has brought the reality very well.

I can say people only with failed love can enjoy the movie and as expected the reviews from people without that experience was not great.

I heard other than Chennai there was a happy climax in other parts of the state and also in the Telegu version. But I’m happy that i was able to see a climax which i expected.

Also i must tell this that I’m not a fan of Simbu and in this movie he has really rocked. I dont know if he is going to carry this lesson and be a directors product. Hope to see a changed Simbu. Talking about the director i’ve no words to say. He simply rocks.

Given an opportunity i want to interact with Gautam Menon to understand his experience.