Identifying different States/Cities in India

Scenario 1: Two guys are  fighting & a third guy comes along, sees them and walks on..

That’s MUMBAI!!

Scenario 2: Two guys are fighting & a third guy comes along and tries to make peace.. The first two get together and beat him up..

That’s CHENNAI!!!

Scenario 3: Two guys fighting and third guy comes from a nearby house and says “don’t fight in front of my place, go somewhere else.” 


Scenario 4: Two guys fighting third guy comes along with a carton of beer.. All sit together drink beer and abuse each other and go home as friends..

You are definitely in GOA!!!

Scenario 5: Two guys are fighting. Both of them take time out & call their friends on their mobiles.. Now 50 guys are fighting..

You are in PUNJAB!!!

Scenario 6: Two guys fighting. Third guy comes and shoots both of them.. 

You are in BIHAR!!!

Scenario 7: Two guys fighting. Third guy comes and finds if his cast then beat other cast guy..

Then you are in Andhra Pradesh!!!

Ultimate Scenario: Two guys are fighting. A crowd gathers to watch.. A guy comes along and quietly opens a tea stall there..

That’s KERALA!!!


Goa Review

These days Kollywood directors have become too adventurous and they are experimenting different things. Though the movie comes good or not I’m happy because they setting new dimension to tamil cinema. Last weekend watched the movie GOA twice. I like the movie for two reasons;

  • One because it is produced by my sweet heart Soundarya Rajinikanth
  • Two it is A Venkat Prabhu movie.

First thing i can tell about the movie is it doesn’t disappoint and it is worth spending the money. Venkat has created a niche for himself and he doesn’t disappoint his audience. As usual there is not story line and it is the screenplay that is directors strength area.

The concept of Gay relationship in tamil cinema is different and that has been showcased very elegantly and also there is a Gay duet which is also cool. Yuvan has rocked with his music and all songs rocks. Premji excels in acting. I don’t know how Sampath Raj excels in acting in Venkat Prabhu movies alone. In all other movies he is mediocre. He has really shown expressions and mannerisms which gives a feel of watching a real gay.

I don’t know why Vijay is made a bhakra in almost all movies these days. Over all it is a perfect holiday to GOA.