Life has changed with a BlackBerry

For long i wanted to change my mobile as my old low cost handset was having problem with its speaker. Also as a part of my new year resolution wanted to buy new handhelds and hack it. Other thing is i want to be a early bird for Web 3.0.

So as a apple freak i was almost about to go and buy an iPhone. But one of my friend confused me and didn’t allow me to buy an iPhone. He insisted me to go for a BlackBerry. He evangelized BlackBerry and still my passion for apple products made me blind and deaf.

Then for my birthday i got a combined gift from Balaji, Mom & Sister and it was nothing other than a BlackBerry curve. In two days i activated the email & IM options and within a day i fell for the product.

I’m using a BlackBerry for a week now and i can say there is a huge increase in my productivity. I don’t feel bored while waiting and I’m able to keep myself occupied.

For entrepreneurs i strongly recommend BlackBerry than any other business phones.