Chance Pe Dance Review

My favorite of the new generation is this Kapoors yes it is Shahid & Ranbir. Yesterday i went to see Chance Pe Dance starring Shahid Kapoor & Genelia De’souza. First half of the movie moves very fast with more fun and it is more of a present day young man’s struggle to make a career for himself in a new city.

Second half of the movie is not boring but it lacks the punch in it. Struggles are not highlighted and everything looks like happening like a cake-walk. Director has neither shown a mentor like Chack De nor makes it difficult for the Hero to make it Big.

So here goes my review;

  • Shahid has rocked in acting & dance. He has done his part well.
  • Genelia has done her part well.
  • Music is average.
  • Director has handled a good subject very lightly/casually.

Second half hero takes up a job of a dance master in a school and he makes them come first in competition. Dance performance was shown so lightly and the schools wins the cup as expected.

Then there is a twist where in his fathers shop in demolished and shahid returns home to stay with his father to give him a moral boost. His father sees the reality show only then and asks his son to get back.

In climax hero is late for the show and he easily convinces the judge and he wins it easily. Infact in the reality show we are never shown the competitors and it is only shahid and it becomes as if hero makes it unopposed.

I really love subjects where someone really fights it hard to create a niche in his career. Something which is shown well in Rocket Singh. Anyways for a normal cinema goer it will not be boring and it is worth the money.