PayPal and Irony :(

Like i stated in my previous blog about PayPal issue we are getting tensed day by day because of PayPal;

  • They have our money and the customer support is very poor.
  • They never communicated about their new policy of not accepting “Send & Receive” of personal payments from India.
  • Even for business users if the payment is not specified as Service or Product the payment is automatically reverted back.
  • When we called them to ask what is happening it took almost a hour & half of authorization & escalation to answer us about our query.
  • Our query was about the status of the funds we have transferred before 7 working days and the  answer is not proper. Their SLA says they take 5 business days to send the payment. Now that has been upgraded to 10 business days.

Now having our hard earned money they are making mockery of users. We are working with our legal team to see if we can take PayPal legally. If any of you are affected by them kindly join hands. As too many drops forms a ocean and we have to show PayPal what professionalism is.

Let me shout once again loud and sound PAYPAL SUCKS!!!!!!