SaleSamachar.Com – Best place to strike better deals

Last month we thought or purchasing our own furniture’s and Air-Conditioners for CCS as we are paying heavily on rentals. We thought Diwali would be the right time to do this because of better discounts we might get.

We were looking for some site like deals2buy to compare different discounts offers available with different vendors / retailers. While Googling I came across SaleSamachar.Com. It looks like a brand new site with lots of information on discounts available for this Diwali.

I think it must be Chennai based because all information is pertained to Chennai. I’m happy that India has got such a site after a long time. I’ve got lot of ideas for the site and I’ve shot an email to the webmaster with all my thoughts.

If they respond I might meet them and would be glad to contribute my thoughts to make SaleSamachar.Com a success.