Mayakkam Enna

Mayakkam EnnaAfter a 2 week rehab in Coimbatore I returned to Chennai yesterday… It was almost a decade I stayed without watching movies for 20 consecutive days…

After returning I badly wanted to break this fast :(… So, the obvious choice was Mayakkam Enna as I’m a Danish fan, it is a selvaraghavan movie and yuvans music… But right from day one I didn’t get a good review about the movie… But I still went ahead…

After watching the movie I found nothing as uninteresting… It covers the reality of today’s youth… Their approach towards love, lust, passion and career… Only thing that puzzles me is the reluctance of our society is to accept he reality…

Personally i liked the movie very much and this is a movie for people who accepts reality, entrepreneurs and for people living for passion…

Aayirathil Oruvan Review

Yesterday we went for back to back shows for Kutty & Aayirathil Oruvan. Second one has more PR than the latter because this is from Selvaragavan after a long while. And also the Hero has acted after a gap of 2 years after debut. So, movie created a lot of buzz.

First of all i must acknowledge the efforts of the crew and give an applause to Selva for his bold experiment and have this experimenting attitude. But movie has lot of inspiration from;

  • King Solomon Mines
  • Inidana Johns
  • Myth
  • Gladiator

and more hollywood movies. Movie keeps the the excitement till the climax. I some what feel Director got confused or lost track during the climax. Even things were happening in rain & at night and nothing was clear & unable to understand what is happening.

I think director tried to invoke some thing which had happened to LTTE, but that is my thought and not sure if he tried the same.

Then he had an abrupt end and left the doors open to develop a sequel. Talking about the characters;

  • Reema Sen is hot and she sizzles in her acting too. She owes a lot to Selva for giving her such an opportunity.
  • Karthi looks like a puppet Hero. He is not utilized well and don’t know why he was made to underplay soo much.
  • Parthiban has come back after a long gap and he has shown elegance in his acting and he justified his role.
  • Andrea again has shown good glamour. But doesn’t have much to do in second half.

There are lots of loose ends in the movie but we can forgive them because of the initiative they have taken. On the plus side characters have been nicely tied and explained how they converged. Also Selva has opened the corridors to other film makers in Kollywood and hope we will get more such movies which other wise would be possible only in a Hollywood movie.