Enjoyed MidNights Children

MidNights Children
Thought of taking a break for couple of hours and went to watch MidNights Children

I’ve known Salman Rushdie as a controversial writer and playboy but I couldn’t believe if he had this much imagination…

It was a story of kids born during the time of independence and partition… It covers early days of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh War and Emergency…

Now many people would like the movie as it moves slowly and moves like story-telling…

It is perfectly converted into a movie by Deepa Metha and neat performance by characters… Movie genre takes me back to Malgudi Days…

Now I have to buy all the writings of Salman Rushdie and time for some reading…

And here I come flipkart…

Kutty Review

Kutty is one other movie which i watched for Pongal. This movie had more expectations next to Aayirathil Oruvan since it starts Dhanush. It is a remake of Telegu super hit flick Arya 1.

Since the concept is an one liner (A guy tries to win over a girl who is already in love). Movie depends more on screenplay. So i want to share my thoughts on character.

  • Dhanush has shown he is a natural actor and has done his part well. But i can say he has taken this role too lightly and has given a performance less than what he is known for.
  • Shriya Saran has an image with Kollywood audience and there is a conflict between her image & her character in this movie. Otherwise she has done her prat.
  • Sameer Dattani alies Dhyan a Kannada hero has debuted as Villain in the movie. He has over performed and was below average in his acting too. Don’t know if he has followed the way he acts in Kannada or is it because of his lack of understanding of local language? anyways he got to improve if he needs a hold in kollywood.
  • Devi Sri Prasad has let us down with his music after giving a marvelous performance in Kandasamy.
  • Comedians Aarthi, Srinath, Mayilsamy were all wasted and comedy is by comedians in mediocre.

Movie is a good entertainer and can be watched with family & it is not boring.

Kandasamy – an unreviewed review

200px-KanthaWatched Vikram starrer Kandasamy for second day and I personally think it is a well made movie. But I get mixed response from public. Vikram has done a fabulous job and special effects are superb. Kudos to Vikram, Susu Ganesan & Thota Dharani for the sets and Vikram’s costume designs. Since lots of websites and magazines have reviewed the movie I’m not going to write the review about the movie. Instead I’m going to argue about the concept which the movie emphasizes.

Movie talks about the familiar concept where Rich gets Richer & Poor gets Poorer and the hero robs the entire surplus from the rich and hands over the poor. The point I’m going to argue is the way hero distributes the money. He creates a belief on people to write their difficulty on a piece of paper and tie it on a tree near a temple.

As known most of the request from people would be on money asking for daughter’s marriage, son’s marriage, fathers operation etc. and our hero distributes the money to the needy. But I question this concept as problems are not one time and money related problems are constant.

Let us assume a case where hero offers Rs.60,000/- to a lady for her daughters marriage. Is that her final need? Then next time should would again write in a paper and tie it in a tree asking money for daughter’s delivery expense and then grandchild’s education and it continues. Also if we start helping people like this it is going to make them lazy.

I’ve many personal experience where in once I helped one of my gym master by giving him some money to participate in Mr.India tournament then in 2 weeks he asked for some money to repay some debts which he said he had got for his fathers treatment and it didn’t end there within a month he asked for some more money to settle another debtor. But 3rd time I realized I’m not helping him instead I was pampering him.

So lesson I learned is if someone is in need show them the way to earn that money instead of offering that money to them.

To signoff the movie covers the same concept of SuperStar RajiniKanth starrer Sivaji where hero gets all the black money and constructs hospitals, education institutes etc and helps needy by Kind instead of offering money to the needy like in the movie Kandasamy.