Exaggeration + Drag + Cinemaism = Easan

Went out to watch Tron : Legacy (3D) but we changed our mind to Easan because of the hype that it is a Sashi Kumar movie… Everything he touched were gold be it his directional debut, as hero & as producer. But I’m not sure if he has taken success for granted or he has lost his stuff in one movie.

Movie starts with a girl attending a party and getting back home with her two wheeler (Taken from Stepphane episode which happened 5 years back. Then most of the movie happens in Pubs, Rave parties and how the Kin of city’s rich & influential are spoiling their life. Being a party animal myself I’ve seen people moving with Dignity and I feel such things were exaggerated a lot.

The there is a comparison about the lifestyle in Village and City where people come in harmony and help each other but in Chennai when a migrated family knocks the door of a neighbor in their apartment and introducing them were humiliated by closing the door and not responding to them.

Having stayed in Madurai and itz surrounding I’ve see lot of prejudice in Village and in a city like Chennai… In cities there is no cast factor, people are broad minded unlike… Again City – Village differentiation is misleading and exaggerated.

These are some other flaws in the movie;

  • Too much of characterization & they are not properly tied which leads to lot of confusion…
  • Dragging screenplay…
  • James Vasanthan has miserable failed with his music.
  • Sammudrakani’s body language to be like a cop is very cinematic.
  • As usual rich & powerful were shown in bad light.
  • Folk songs were added just for the heck of it without having any link with the story… This is not agreeable from a director like SashiKumar.

Overall VijayKanth’s ViruthaGiri is much better than Easan…