Trip to Tirumala

It is always fun to be tour with friends… My best outing was trip to ooty with my college mates during 1999 when I was in my final year in college… Next best things for someone who is search of peace, solutions for problems and soul searching is by visiting temples…

I’m great believer in Lord Venkatachapathi in Tirumala, Tirupathi. I’ve been visiting this temple for 9 years. Normally I leave Chennai early in the morning return the same day by night.

But this time I took my friends getting assurance from one of by MBA mates and things got messed up. We reached Tirumala on Sunday morning and we thought my friends would have made arrangement by 9 o clock in the morning. But he forgot to instruct his subordinates and we got a ticket for darshan only on Monday morning by 5.30 AM.

So we had ball of a time on Sunday. It was like tour de spirituality. So we eventually drove all spots in the hill and stayed in a Guest house. Pulling each other and we did some shopping as we didn’t bring any cloths.

Then as usual it was a challenge coordinating and making folks get ready on time and to my surprise we were on time and had good darshan and I was relieved as I missed 2 opportunities to visit Lerd Venky on two occasions.

These are the folks who made up for trip;


 Left to Right : Anand, Muthi, Vicky, Subbu, Balaji, Sathish…


This is Sudhir who took previous snap…

This is how we went to temple with dothi and angavastaram;


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