SEZs to go green

Commerce ministry has proposed mandatory norms for making special economic zones (SEZs) green, a move that could raise initial capital expenditure by promoters and developers although it could lower operating costs in the medium to long term.

So what are those Green Rules? 

  • Building envelope according to energy conservation building code.
  • External and internal lightning (minimum of 25% for internal) to be BEE star rated and solar lit.
  • Common space lighting to use LEDs.
  • Solar power to generate 50KW of power per ha.
  • 50% hot water requirement to be solar.
  • In situation water-generated power.
  • 100% water harvesting.
  • Zero waste generation.
  • Internal transportation via electric buses and rickshaws.
  • Exclusive pedestrian and bicycle lanes

Source: Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

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