Another fulfilling day…

Today has been a contending day for many reasons. The day started by preparing a quote for providing Computer education for Andra Pradesh corporation schools. Then there were some official work where in I had to review some contracts, preparing list of things that my new CTO has to take care off and then putting my CTO as the single point contact for all technical help.

Then was engaged with some telephonic conversation with my CFO & Friends. Then I wanted to start my fish breeding which I use to do in my school days and then I located some spots in my house which would be best suited.

Then I got a call from my friend cum customer who said it was diccicult to come and sigh his IT returns and so I had to do the courier work. Thought Bala was hesitant to make me do those works I really enjoyed doing it as I’m not involved in CCS activities and I really enjoy working for CCS as it is a new arena to me. I drove to CCS office to hand over couple of signed IT Saral forms of friend and collected my friend’s Saral form to be signed and returned home as Balaji planned for a drive.

I came back home by 8 o clock and then had to wait for Balaji till 10 o clock to return from a birthday party. Then we handed over the Saral form to the friend and asked him to hand it over to bala tomorrow. Then we thought we can go for a long drive to Mahabalipuran through OMR which we have not explored much.

I was really surprised to see small tea shops and hotels which were kept open till 12 o clock mid night. We reached Perungudi toll by 11.20 PM and had to pay 30 bucks for a two way toll. Then we came across Baskin Robbins ice cream parlor and Pizza Corner. Balaji wanted an Iced Tea which was not available. Then we went to Baskin Robins and ordered for a Mango Tango & Mint Tango (Ice Cream blended with Sprite) and we enjoyed the drink.

DSC01324DSC01325Again started to travel towards mahabs and had to cross another toll where we were charged 30 bucks for a two way toll. I handed over a 50 rupee note and we got two 10 rupee coins as balance. That really excited me because I’ve seen that from one of my friend who had only one and he refused to give it to me. So, today I’m a proud owner of a 10 rupee coin which is rare at the moment. Then Balaji took on coin and retained one coin.

Again we thought this route to be expensive compared to ECR as we pay 45 bucks for two ways to mahabs. Then once when we crossed 200 meters the road was very bad as expected and we had a small change in direction. Instead of Thiruporur we went to ECR from Kelambakkam.

lightningEn route to ECR from Kelambakkam we had this back waters and good lightning. It was a special gift to my eyes. I’ve never enjoyed nature like this before. I was disappointed for not carrying a camera. Then after 10 min of enjoying the lightning we again proceeded to mahabs.

After reaching mahabs Balaji was telling me how nice a place it was two decades back as it is the home town of his mother and that was the place where he spends his vacation.  Again I’ve never been to mahabs at mid night and watching those carvings at night was a different experience.

It took 2 hours to drive to mahabs and while returning we had good topics to discuss and returned home within an hour. Over all I’m closing the day with a happy note… Thank you Balaji for giving such an experience… Letz explore more in coming weeks.

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