Kaminey Review & Plot

My-character-in-KamineyWent to Kaminey yesterday night and the movie was really good… First half runs very fast and the momentum lacks in the second half… Shahid Kapoor has matured as an actor and he has done justice to the dual role… Since the movie is a Hero centric movie Priyanka Chopra doesn’t have much to do but she has utilized the given opportunity… Also the climax is stretched and confuses viewers… Expectation from Vishal is much high and we expect directors of his caliber to be perfect… I think censors have done injustice by awarding A certificate to the movie as I dont think it has much violance… Over all we can give 4 out of 5…

This is the movie’s plot…

It is a story about two brothers, Charlie & Guddu who happen to be twins. Charlie lisps while Guddu has a stutter problem. They are as different as chalk and cheese. And they can’t stand the sight of each other. Till one fateful rainy night, when their lives cross. Charlie gets mixed up in a deathly get rich quick scheme, while Guddu realizes that the love of his life, Sweety, has unwittingly put a price on his head. It’s a dark comic ride there on as the brothers are sucked into a world of drugs, guns and money. Their lives collide head on with the lives of gangsters, rebel soldiers, rogue politicians and crooked cops. In the middle of this crazy adventure, the brothers have to run to protect themselves, their dreams, their love…. And most importantly, realize that all they have is each other.


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