Peak of exaggeration

Today was reading Cinema Plus a supplementary paper that accompanies The Hindu magazine on Fridays. One of the article is “He’s done it!” featuring Arun Vijay and he says;

He is just back from a whirlwind tour of the State, visiting cinema halls where his film has been screened. “The encouragement has been overwhelming. Though my visits weren’t announced, in places like Madurai, people had queued up on the street where the theatre showing the film was!”

arunvijayI’ve been in Madurai last week and I’ve never seen a houseful show and also when I went to the movie 2 days back there were hardly 10 – 15 people watching the movie. When I checked it with my friends asking if there was a houseful show they said they were able to get tickets across the counter on the first day and also during weekends. I don’t know how papers like The Hindu publish such exaggerated stories.

Over all I ended ROTFL (Rolled on the floor and laughed).

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