Leader Insulted

One common trend in india is gaining popularity by aligning with Late(dead) leaders. Some common things they do are;

  • Building statues for leaders. Which is mostly used by birds to shit.
  • Celebrating their Birth & Death anniversaries by blocking roads.

Today while driving to office i came across images of Late leader M.G.Ramachandran fondly called as MGR all over Arcot road in chennai. Mostly all places were deserted and no one was there to take care of those images. Near Valasaravakkam i came across this scene and i immediately shot it. A cow eats the garland & flower kept for the leader.

I don’t know why at all they waste money, time & be a hindrance to public. Also they don’t do it with respect or from the heart. These things look like insulting the leader and in-fact general public only gets irritated by seeing these kind of non-sense.


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