CaneCan new finding in Madurai

One of the latest findings in Madurai is this joint CaneCan which is opposite to Germanus Hotel. We found it once while driving that way and we wanted to give it a try and when we got in we were in for a surprise.

There was a huge list of flavored sugar cane juice. This was something new for me and I immediately jumped in and tasted 6 varieties of cane juice. There are the available flavors and the bolded ones are my favorites;

  • Natural cane juice
  • Lemon cane juice
  • Ginger cane juice
  • Lime & Ginger cane juice
  • Salt & Pepper cane juice
  • Mint cane juice
  • Chilli cane juice
  • Honey cane juice
  • Mango cane juice
  • Pineapple cane juice
  • Orange cane juice
  • Strawberry cane juice
  • Litchi cane juice

Other important aspect to be noted in this joint is the importance they give for hygiene. Their suppliers wear gloves and they use disposable paper cups. Also cane’s are washed and keep in a refrigerators and it is served cool without using crushed-ice which is always unhygienic. 

Other important thing which impressed me is the testimonial which they get it from customers in a stick-it which will be displayed. Also one can see their joint being covered in almost all famous magazines in Madurai.

This is a small joint opposite to Germanus Hotel and can be easily located. This is a must visit joint in Madurai. Now this joint has become my desert point after having my dinner as it is near to my house and I normally walk to the joint.


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