Asal Rocks

Asal is a treat to Thalai’s fans!! It is out and out Ajith’s show & one can see Ajith’s fans flocking to theatres and going bizzared on seeing his name and his entry.

Personally it was a great experience as a couple of my friends were fans of Vijay and they made all possible attempts to stop me from seeing the intro of Ajith. It was one of the rare occasion where i drove rash and used honking. Finally i made it to Mayajaal in 30 min from Kodambakkam & also made it on time for the movie.

Movie zooms in quick pace and there is no space for any discomfort. Though the music was a bit disappointing it gels well with the movie. Stunts were world class and so were the Costumes.

Sameera has done justice for her role and she has shed her dress more than in Varanam Ayiram and she is hot. Also Bhavana has equally competed with Hot Sameera.

Comedy is handled by Yugi Sethu. Though it is not greatest of comedies it is not boring either. One irritating aspect is there were some Vijay fans who were disturbing.

Over all it is yet another Hit for Ajith.


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