Milaga Review

Day before yesterday had dinner with my friends and they said the movie MILAGA was good. After dinner I straight went to Meenakshi Bazaar to buy the CD and then came back to office and worked till 12.30 AM…

After reaching home found Kannan watching Ravanan for second time… Immediately stopped him and I started watching the movie… To my surprise;

  • The movie was on the lines of Madurai Sambavam but this movie is a comedy one. I felt bad that I missed watching the movie in Madurai theatre as it is a movie based on the city.
  • Screenplay is too fast and not even a single scene were boring.
  • There is no tragedy & that makes the movie worth a watch.
  • Characters & team are from same as Mayandi Kudumbathar & Koripalayam.
  • Most comedy scenes were hilarious & even otherwise it was not boring.
  • Hero Natraj has done a good job. He is natural when it comes to acting, comedy & stunt.
  • Over all it was worth watch movie. Not sure why movie went unnoticed.

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