Ilaiyaraaja Vs A.R.Rehman

When we went for a Trip to Mysore there was an argument if Ilaiyaraaja or Rehman is great composer…. So, I thought I my make my point public… Letz compare both their achievements and then decide who is great;

Let us start with A.R.Rehman

  • Gave new dimension to Indian Cinemas.
  • Gave more opportunities to new Singers.
  • Took Indian cinemas Global.
  • Composed 65 movies till date.

Coming to Ilaiyaraaja

  • He set new trends in his times.
  • All his songs still lives.
  • He has composed more than 900 movies and 4500 songs.
  • Very versatile and can handle any sort of music.

Over all I can’t think of ARR’s music after a point. Where as Raja’s music still lives in my inner self and rejuvenates it me when i’m feeling low.

According to me it is Ilaiyaraaja d(>w<)b …


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