Shawshank Redemption – Review

First of all thanks to KaviRaj for recommending, pushing & making me watch the movie The Shawshank Redemption. Yes he was telling about this movie for a long time & finally when we were in Bangalore two weeks back he made made me watch the movie by taking lot of effort;

  • We went to RelianceMart and brought a DVD Player.
  • Then we went to Rent a CD store and got the the DVD.
  • Then took a lot of pain to remove the wired sound from the Player.

After deciding to watch the movie and after two hours of effort we are ready to watch the movie. You can imagine someone taking soo much effort to make someone watch a movie. Guess the movie must be really good. That prompted me to watch the movie non-stop though I was very tired. It for Kavi’s efforts.

Then after watching the movie there were no regrets. Screenplay got me into the movie and character. Each and every word from the Hero is motivating. All I got to do now is to watch the movie again and Document all the motivating quotes in the movie. There are lot of take-aways in the movie and these are mine;

  • To believe in Hope & how Hero escapes with Hope.
  • How people get institutionalized.
  • How cruel a prison life is.
  • What prisoners do to pass their time.
  • Things one can do in Prison.

No wonder this is the highest rated movie in IMDB. Until watching this movie Forest Gump use to be my favorate movie and not that has been pushed to second place. For all those who have not seen the movie please go and watch it immediately.

From not Shawshank Redemption is my Favorite Movie Number One.


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