Tees Maar Khan Hilarious

I’ve never had any best company to watch a movie unlike Mr.KaviRaj & how can I explain an experience if the movie is also Hilarious… Another thing which I want to tell before venturing into my review is that we went to the movie on time for the first time… Yep this is a miracle with Kavi…

Talking about TMK I was taken back to watch the movie owing to bad review on media and from friends… But the movie was great stress burner and I don’t know what made people to give it a thumbs down… I really enjoyed the entire movie and both half of the movie was quick with its screen play…

So here are my good pointers about the movie;

  • No say about Sheela Ki Jawani item number…. Music was awesome, Kate was hot and Dance was more than expected from kate…
  • Though Katrina Kaif had nothing big… She can get contented with Sheela Ki Jawani which is a must play song in all party…
  • Akshy Kumar was as usual casual with his comedy…
  • Akshy Khanna also did a good job & he best utilized his opportunity…
  • For a Sallu fan it was a gift to get a peep on Sallu with Wallah Re Wallah

Over all it was a treat and it was best time out after a long time..


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