Real life adolescent love story

One of my friend has shared his Adolescent love story which was touching… Though we all would have had such experience in our life it is nice to look back and see how crazy we were… I’m not specifying my friends name as I’ve not taken his permission to post it in my blog… Folks this is how the story goes;

As the case of many adolescents, it too happened to me, when I was 19 years. If you guess it to love, you are wrong. It was mere infatuation, though it took many years for me to realise. I was attending Tuition Classes for Accountancy for B.Com I year. The centre was a nursery school and tuition for many classes conducted in one large room. We were 8-9 guys and 4 of them were students of Thyagaraya College, Washermanpet. One fine day, there was an enrolment of a 8th standard girl. She hailed Marwari community and looked an angel on earth.

A flower that she had for her name; a flower that she had for her face. Her electrifying beauty grabbed my attention (and all others too). I felt like floating on the air and it appeared something like Love at First Sight. From that day, followed a sea change among us in terms of attitude, attire, style etc and we guys tried permutations and combinations just to impress her. I was so confused whether girls love to have humourous guys or rigid Macho guys as boyfriend and eventually decided on a combo. I concentrated on my biceps and triceps at home and at class was raising silly doubts or making fun that the whole class including my Angel would laugh.

Every alternative day, the time I enter the class, I search the other corner for my angel only to notice a bloom on her face. Shortly, my friend’s sister who was also studying 8th std joined there. As few weeks passed, I noticed both of them gossip and sparing naughty smiles at me. I felt like a hero and started thinking of ways of conveying my love(!) to my sweet Angel. One fine rainy day, at the close of tuition classes, my Angel was waiting at the school entrance for she had no umbrella. “Take this,” I offered her my Umbrella, to which, “Illa vaendaam”, came as her response.

“thaevaiya unakku?” commented a friend and a roar of laughter followed from the guys standing behind. I felt ashamed and left immediately. Later I noticed MK’s attitude (our master) towards me was turning better to worse, probably someone spied that incident or he smelled my inclination towards my Angel. He transformed into a villain, and started sending those two, 15-20 minutes before he finished classes for us. And one fine Sunday, when I went to take test in the afternoon, hoping to meet my Angel there (We were asked to come at 10 am, but I understood none had come) MK started firing his guns for not being disciplined and adhering to the timings. Unable to bear the insult, in the very presence of my Angel, I became furious and eventually threw my accountancy note book towards MK, warning him not to exceed his limits and waved “good bye.”

Later I felt for my overreaction that distanced me from my Angel. In the meanwhile, I located her school and spent waiting at the bus stop at the school closing hours. After a momentary stare and a sign of recognition for a second or more, she would keep busy chatting with her friends throughout the bus travel. The pain of Love(!) was unbearing, but I had no enough guts to convey 143 to her.

One fine day (!) I bought a Bangalore rose and gave it to my friend’s sister, requesting her if she can deliver it to my Angel and convey my love for her. As she hesitated, I did notice extreme grief on her face. But I was just too pushy and left. Few days later, when I asked her, about the outcome, she held my hands softly and told me, “accept someone who loves you, rather than going for a girl whom you will never get.” I was shocked. After a pause, she continued that my Angel’s marriage was already decided by her family and that she will marry her close relative upon completion of +2.

My head reeled for a while, for I never thought that my friend’s sister could fall in love with me. I told her calmly that I was just like her another brother and asked her to maintain that. Shortly, I had to take up an employment following my father’s resignation under VRS and life become mechanical and a boring routine. I felt the craze for my Angel vanish in a slow pace, of course, not without reminisces, once a while. For 22 years now, I did not meet her. I am positive that some day I would meet her somewhere. But not sure, if I would have the guts to ask, if she recognizes me and share my feelings that I had for her once.


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