Why investment is better than consumption?

How Many People are riding ROYAL ENFIELD BIKE ? or wish to ride it ?

Look at the growth of Eicher Motors (Makers of Royal Enfield).

Share Price on September 2001 = ₹17.50
Price of Royal Enfield bike in 2001 = ₹55000/-

If any one would have bought the shares of Eicher Motors instead of a bike then he would have got 3143 shares ((₹55000/ ₹17.50 (share Price) = 3143 Shares))

Eicher Motor’s Share Price as on 4th Aug 2015 was ₹20,158.
Total Value as 3143 x 20,158= 6.33 crore.

₹55000/- is worth ₹6.33Crore in 13 Years.

Now he could have bought a Rolls Royce.


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