Name: S.Anand Nataraj
DoB: 25/Feb/1980
Place Born: Mardas
Qualification: Master in Business Application
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Favourite City: Chennai
Favourite Food: Curd Rice
Favourite People: Mom, Dad, Sis & Wife
Favourite Movie: Nayagan
Favourite Music Director: Ilayaraja


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sir,
    I would request you to write about a start up “YouMart” which is an online grocery store. Getting into the details, Indian retail industry is $ 499 billion worth and 69% of it is food and grocery. But online grocery is only 1% of Indian retail industry. So there is huge upside. While e-commerce has taken off, online grocery is till nascent. Entry of new player such as YouMart with more attractive value proposition such as free delivery for order of Rs 500 and dedicated call center for taking orders on phone will help in cracking the market and lead to growth of the industry.

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