Pallavaram Sandhai

I didn’t know Chennai has such Sandhai (Market Place) which is a common phenomenon in rural places… I came to know about this thru Soniya and from then I wanted to visit this Pallavaram Sandhai which happens every thursday & it is very opposite to Meenambakkam Airport…

It was definitely a nice experience where there were stall for everything… There were second hand things which were uses & only there I came to know anything in this world is sellable and it finds a user… I came accross many shops selling;

  • Rooster
  • Chickens
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Home Made products
  • Plants
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Furniture
  • et more

Though I didn’t buy anything out there it gave me lots of business ideas…. Here are some pictures I shot;

Long Drive @ wired time

I and my friend Balaji enjoy long drive and sipping coffee. Today Balaji called me at midnight and asked if we can go for a coffee and go for along drive. Though we are 29 years by age still we live under the control of our parents, TII (That Is India).

I accepted his request and I took my car and we drove to airport for a coffee and I remembered by cousin telling he has to pick up his brother from airport and I buzzed him and caught up with him. In food court we enjoyed good looking girls and some air hostess. Also there was one girl who showed more glamour and we thought it was worth the visit.

Then we came out and spent some time with my cousin in the arrival point and again it was pulling down each other and some more bottom fishing (in simple words some more babe watch).

Then we drove back home through the new Maduravoyal outer ring road. Balaji was sharing about George Clooney movie which portrayed how Americans do politics with other countries and that was interesting topic for rest of the travel. Then all of a sudden we thought we can do some exploration at that time by trying new service lane route and it clicked. It helped us to find a new route to by pass the toll.

Through our smart thinking and risk taking adventure attitude helped us to convert fairway to freeway. Then we returned home happily for saving Rs.30 that we spend for toll.