Want to try Anbu PAAL Nilayam Lassi

  I was telling a friend about how I’m trying and selecting unique brevarages for my for my Coffee Shop… He told me about Iced Lassi at ANBU PAAL NILAYAM near Thanjavur Old Bus Stand…

Just added it to the list of brevarages to be tried!! 

If you have just ran thru this blog post and you have any experienced or come across any special brevarage please share it with me as a COMMENT!!!


Explored Tutucorin

A campus drive had been scheduled at Chandy College of Engineering, Tutucorin… After a 120 KM joyful drive to the college… We were taken for breakfast & straight to the Principal… After a brief interaction we were taken to the auditorium & we gave a small intro about the company… Then myself and Swami handed over baton to Deepak & co…

From there we went Thiruchendur, Punnai Nagar, Tutucorin City and have no words about the experience…

Swami giving an intro about Cogzidel…

Time for pose at Thiruchendur…

VanaThirupathi Temple…

Lunch at Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Punnai Nagar… Also this is the native of Saravana Bhavan Annachi…

Swami saw the reach of Thala… No posters of Vijay seen anywhere :)…

Over all it was nice drive, lunch, coffee at GRT & enjoyed the beauty of nature…

Thanks to Swami for offering me this opportunity to explore & this experience will last over the memory lane…

Out of Stock

Day before Yesterday we(myself & swami) were told by one of our Sales folks that there is an offer running for iPhone 3G for Rs.9999/- from Aircel… For long we wanted to buy an iPhone to our Mobile Development Labs… There was an option online to make a booking but the catch is it will take 13 business days to get the phone… We were too impatient that we decided to goto Aircel store the next day and buy it…

Then immediately the next day after 2 – 3 hours of sleep we ventured out on the rains to the Aircel store near Little Mount, Chennai to buy our own iPhone… Upon reaching there it was we who had to tell the folks about the offer which was running… Then the Customer Support attendant made some calls and came back telling they were running out of stock and we had to wait for a week…

Since we decided to buy the phone we were disappointed and we immediately decided to buy an iPod Touch at-least… So, from Little Mount we immediately decided to goto Apple Store near Radhakrishnan Road… After getting drenched on rain and overcoming traffic jams we reached the store only to know that even iPod Touch was out of stock

Then we went to ezone which is near Mylapore and again they were running out of stock… By this time we became very desperate and we decided that we are going back to office only after buying the gadget… From there we went to Landmark in CitiCentre and again they were running out of stock

Next choice we had was to goto Chroma near Anna Salai and while coming out there was a small gadget store on the ground floor in CitiCentre and we though of giving it a shot and to our surprise he has some 10 units of iPod touch and we immediately grabbed one… After all this struggle we finally felt like winning something as we had to struggle to deserve one…

After iPad, MacBook, Android Gingerbread & Android IceCream Sandwitch we have added iPod touch which is an alternate to test iPhone apps…

Trip to Masinakudi & Wayanad – Part II

We started driving to Wayanad amidst the lust green forests covering Tamil Nadu & Karnataka… We crossed lots of small hamlets in Karnataka and I was the interpreter to ask for the route to Sultan Badri using my butler Kannada…

We crossed over to Kerala and it was immediately visible with the lust green cover, big houses, good & clean roads… I adamantly demanded for toddy & 1st being a dry day in Kerala we had to hunt for toddy in black… I must really thank Rooban bro for taking pains for getting toddy….

Then we had lunch at Sultan Badri but unfortunately 1st & 2nd being dry day in Kerala we were asked to travel 20 KM to Tamil Nadu… We promptly stocked things for next 2 days… En route we found a little puppy on the roads… We took it along with us as it was wandering on the highways… We named him Kunnu…


From there we drove straight to Coffee Aroma Resort in Wayanad… This place has only added my attraction and fondness towards Kerala… Wonderful place for retreat and to burn the stress… Cottages were that clean and the atmosphere and nature view made me feel very much relaxed… Behind the resort there was a water falls and a small stream… All these were well utilised by the resort folks…



We didn’t take bath that day as it became that dark… We sat in a hall played with our Kunnu, had some discussions with friends, had my dinner and I went to car to watch some movie… Again I slept in the car though the cottage was good because of space constrains…

Next day went for a walk in the small lane along with Karthi… Then went to the falls to take bath and we spent couple of hours… Then we came back had our lunch, left our Kunnu in the resort and we started back to Chennai…

En route we came thru Nagar Hole forest reserve in Karnataka… After crossing 90% of the forest cars were attacked by elephants and we were diverted thru another route which is 30KM long and had very bad roads…

We reached Mysore by 10 PM on 2nd… W had our dinner there and we started driving to Chennai… Karthick took over driving from here and I navigated him till HP petrol bunk in Soolagiri which has Cafe Coffee Day… I refreshed myself and had some coffee and I crashed immediately…

Finally we reached home by 7 AM on 3rd Oct… Over all in all three days we were only driving half the time… But over all it was a nice experience and a much needed break from routine…

Here are some memories….





Trip to Masinakudi & Wayanad – Part I

After a lot of broken promise to Rooban… I was finally caught hold by and was unable to give any reasons… It was a trip planned by Rooban along with Prakash, Imanuel, Karthick & myself between 29/09/2011 to 03/10/2011 to Masinakudi & Wayanad

It was Thursday and being a working day I had to wrap all my work on time as I was travelling during next 2 working days… I was asked. To be ready by 11 PM and until 10 I was busy with my work… Finally I wrapped everything and rushed to my house by 10.30 and packed everything in next 10 min…

Since my iPad & Samsung was about to be drained I kept them on charge… But our friends Rooban, Prakash& Imanueal were late and they came by 1 AM… After getting settled we all get ourself seated and I was awake till vellore where we had a pit stop… It was here I crashed to sleep and I woke up the next morning near Sathyamangalam… This picture taken using lighting from the car near vellore…


Then it was hectic drive crossing some towns & hamlets in Karnataka and finally we reached Masinakudi by 1pm… After checking into the resort we asked the resort maid to prepare our lunch & folks crashed to sleep… I used that time to catch up with emails and with folks in office… I thought getting a bat and ball will help if we get bored in the resort and I went out to Masinakudi town which was 6 KM from resort…

Finally lunch was ready by 4.30 PM and folks were ready after good lunch and sleep… I motivated them to stay in resort to play cricket… But Rooban wanted to explore places immediately… Then we started our drive to Theppakadu by 5 PM and we didn’t see any wild animal… We went to Moyyar Dam and we took some snaps out there…



The time we returned it was half past seven and it was too dark… There was a Scorpio which warned us of an elephant attack… We marched ahead in spite of warning and we took some snaps of the elephant which even more irritated Tusker… It immediately started chasing us… This is my second experience in the same place… Only difference was last time we were out of the vehicle and this time we were inside… The driver of the vehicle was prompt enough to press the accelerator and we escaped once again…

On our return of the resort we befriended a bunch of civil service students who were on a field trip and we had a party time with them in the night… We understood the benefits, challenges about a civil servant…

Then I crashed inside the vehicle as the resort was not neat… Then finally we got up by 8 in the morning we all refreshed, took bath and packed our bags to Wayanad…

Pallavaram Sandhai

I didn’t know Chennai has such Sandhai (Market Place) which is a common phenomenon in rural places… I came to know about this thru Soniya and from then I wanted to visit this Pallavaram Sandhai which happens every thursday & it is very opposite to Meenambakkam Airport…

It was definitely a nice experience where there were stall for everything… There were second hand things which were uses & only there I came to know anything in this world is sellable and it finds a user… I came accross many shops selling;

  • Rooster
  • Chickens
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Home Made products
  • Plants
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Furniture
  • et more

Though I didn’t buy anything out there it gave me lots of business ideas…. Here are some pictures I shot;

Bombay Bread Sandwich

Ingredients: White Bread

For filling:

  • Boiled and Smashed Potatoes + Salt + Pepper + a pinch of garam masala powder…
  • Green Chutney – grind a handful of coriander leaves with equal amount of mint leaves with salt, 1 clove of garlic, 1/2 tsp… lemon juice, green chilli. (instead of adding water while grinding, i add a table spoon of olive oil)…
  • Sliced veggies like cucumber, onion, tomatoes…


  • Apply green chutney on one bread.
  • On the other bread, layer mashed potatoes-garam masala mixture and raw veggies.
  • Place one bread (with green chutney) on top of the other bread (with potatoes and veggies).
  • Cut into two and serve.
  • It is optional to toast the bread lightly

Trying to do it myself this weekend…

Alleppey Experience

It was very stressful and I went to Kumily along with my Madurai 3 weeks back. There we planned & decided to goto Alleppey, Alapuzzha & spend a day in House Boat. From then we were counting days the day. I travelled to Madurai last Thursday and reached Madurai. Then following are the events that happened;

  • Reached Madurai refreshed & Took bath.
  • Then went to Manoj’s juice shop and Laxman picked me up in 10 min.
  • From there we went to a supermarket and made some purchase.
  • From there went to Marverick GYM met friends & asked Sathish to get ready.
  • Then went back to Manoj’s house and picked him form there.
  • Manoj went to attend a small Shop-opening & Laxman and I went to Medical shop and brought some medicines.
  • Then went to Toddy shop has toddy.
  • Picked up Sathish & started to drive to Alleppey by 12 noon.

We took Theni, Cumbam, Kimily – Alleppey road which is a Ghat Road. As usual it was a pleasent Gods own Country and i’m thrilled to see houses which were big and small towns having good looking girls, posh houses, good roads etc.

As usual it was Laxman driving style which made me & sathish sick and we had to sleep to avoid side effects. After hectic 6 hours drive we reached Alleppey with the help of Google Maps which navigated us to the place.

Then we stayed in a hotel called Arcadia Regency. To be frank it was a good hotel in apprearance otherwise;

  • It had a swimming pool which was small & poorly maintained.
  • Rooms were very average with flickering lights.
  • Toilets were average too.
  • Service was also poor.

But we had a wonderful party & we all crashed to sleep without our conscious and i was the first to crash to bed. Then it was Laxman & I who got up early in the morning and then we went to buy fish for people who are Non-Veg and wanted to have Sea food. We first went to the beach and we were told catching was poor that day and the minimal amount of fish they caught had to sent to the market. We immediately went to the market and brought different verity of fish & crabs for Rs.5000/-.

Then we had a swim in the hotel swimming pool and we proceeded to board our House Boat and we were 3 hours late.

We sailed some 50 KM that day before we halted by 6 PM. Again it was great fun and we all were partying hard and last guys to crash were Laxman & I. Then i slept in the morning and got up a hour before we landed again.

Over all it was a great experience because we went with friends. But it has other challenges too like;

  • Sathish went ill and he is hospitalized for last four days because of food poisoning.
  • Rooban got hold of Malaria.
  • This was not the right time to travel as it was too hot and not enjoyable. But tariff of house boat are at its low because it was off season.
  • One great lesson too. We went there thought a friend and he arranged a boat for us and they charged us Rs.9000/- for house boat for a day. But when went enquired later the charge for the boat was Rs.6000/- only. So visit different House Boat  agents and take best call.

Other than that it was a great experience and here are some snaps of our House Boat;

Laxman & I (Me wearing CSK Jersey)

Way to the Room & Kitchen

Hall with Dinning Table & Television

Front View of House Boat. Rooban & Manoj in the terrace.

Boring Start & Happy Ending

Yesterday was one fine day where in i was clueless on what to do. My sleeping hours have come down and got up by 10 AM. Since it was too hot outside i had no choice. So i was;

  • I did self Oil Massage to bring down body heat…
  • Then Learned how to do Pedicure from my sister…
  • Finally was watching some Tamil dubbed english movie…

Then it was 3 PM and got a call from Kavi and he asked me to pick him. With no thinking i started and picked him from his office. As usual we had no clue on what to do. I started driving through ECR and after getting the toll we decided to goto Mahabalipuram have Dinner at Moon Rackers and then watch a movie at Mayajaal and return back.

In-between we had some delicious Tadgola to cool our body during a hot day.

While driving we came across a Banner Off Road ECR before Mahabalipuram. It is here we waited for an hour to get a chance to ride this Bike which lasted for 2 min. Then while returning my car got struck on the mud and we had to get the assistance from the people working on there to rescue us.

By this time we were drenched with sweat and we drove to Mahabs and we had good dinner at Moon Rackers and returned. We didn’t have any new movies to watch at Mayajaal and we came to city and gave a try at PVR cinemas and again no luck.

Then we went to Freeze Zone to have some Kulfis. The place was too crowded and it took us 20 min to get a Kulfi. We entered the place by 10.30 PM and came out by 11.15PM…

Then i dropped Kavi at his office and returned. Finally i ended the day with a Happy note.

Sleeping in the car

We reached Yelagiri hills by 3.45 AM and we cornered the car on a busy street. Life here got started by 4 and lots of people & vehicle movement started to increase and nothing disturbed us. But an old man woke Kavi asking if we want any room or guide.

From then Kavi didn’t allow us to sleep from then on and this is how we slept.