Lost 500 Bucks

When Chennai was in loosing spree at Indian Premier League 3 (IPL3) I was getting rich as I bet against Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and won all the monies. It is not that I’m against CSK and infact I’m great fan of CSK and I want CSK to win. But being in Chennai no one wants to bet against Chennai.

Not to loose the fun part I bet on the opposite team. In either case I’m the winner because if Chennai wins my heart is loaded with happiness and if it looses my wallet is loaded with bucksJ.

Today I called my friend (R#%B@N) who introduced me to betting and made me a addict walked away fearing he might loose. That was because opposition was Mumbai Indians and they are leading the points table. Then I had to go for a bet with another friend and he eventually won. Though I lost 500 bucks I’m ready to loose more if CSK ends up winning.

My best wishes for CSK to win title this time.