Farmer’s Shelf!!! Kiosk for buying Saplings!!!

Two thing what I can take away from this country is;

  1. Packaging
  2. DIY Kiosks

Yes, came across this DO IT YOURSELF shelf to grow Saplings. The very display attracts the passbyer and it was kept right in the entrance of the food joints.

Wondering if I can convert this into a kiosk to buy Sapling!!!

Shelf to grow Saplings!!!
Shelf to grow Saplings
Farmer's Shelf!;
Look at the Saplibgs

Fire in Meenakshi Amman Temple!!

Fire in Meenakshi Amman Temple, it’s on the East entrance and 50 shops are down to Ash!!

There is a fire shutdown and Fire fighters are struggling to enter because it is too dark!!

Also the media is made to stay away. So, couldn’t get much updates!!

Thanks to Shankar Attan for pinging me with the news from Houston!!

Good thing is there is no life loss because it happened by 11.30 PM!!!

Economy of Tamil Nadu

Retail, Services, Manufacturing, Banking, Automobile, Transportation, Medicine, Construction

Cities that contribute for the economy of Tamil Nadu & India. It is this diverse business specialization that keeps TN better performing state in spite of political paralysis!!

Chennai: Automobile Manufacturing, IT and Commerce.

Tirupur: Clothing.

Erode & Karur: Bedding.

Kovilpatti & Sivakasi: Stationary and Firecrackers.

Kumbakonam: Artefacts and historical cultural works.

Namakkal: Poultry Sectors and Vehicle bodyworks.

Arcot & Vellore: Precasting Industries.

Sriperumbudur: Large scale manufacturing zones.

Tuticorin: Seafood exports zone.

Hosur: Vehicle & Mixed Manufacturing.

Trichy: Industrial and Energy supporting units.

Madurai: Mixed markets.

Salem: Spare Parts.

Coimbatore: Motors Manufacturing

Tanjavur, Theni & Kanyakumari: Cash crops farming.

Viruthunagar, Neyveli & Panruti: Traditional food and snacks in MSe’s scale.

Journey of Sensex to 36000!!!

Sensex 36000

The Sensex, has been in existence since 1875 & is a free-float market-weighted stock market index of 30 well-established and financially sound companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange.

Published since 1st January 1986, Sensex is regarded as the pulse of the domestic stock markets in India.

The value of Sensex has begun with base of 100 on 1st April 1979.

Here is the timeline on the rise of the Sensex:

100 April 1st 1979

1000 July 25th, 1990

2000 January 15th, 1992

3000 February 29th, 1992

4000 March 30th, 1992

5000 October 11th, 1999

6000 February 11th, 2000

7000 June 21st, 2005

8000 September 8th, 2005

9000 December 5th, 2005

10000 February 7th, 2006

11000 March 27th, 2006

12000 April 20th, 2006

13000 October 30th, 2006

14000 December 5th, 2006

15000 July 6th, 2007

16000 September 19th, 2007

17000 September 26th, 2007

18000 October 9th, 2007

19000 October 15th, 2007

20000 December 11th, 2007

21000 November 5th, 2010

22000 March 24th, 2014

23000 May 9th, 2014

24000 May 13th, 2014

25000 May 16th, 2014

26000 July 7th, 2014

27000 September 2nd, 2014

28000 November 12th, 2014

29000 January 15th, 2015

30000 March 04th, 2015

31000 May 27th, 2017

32000 July 13th, 2017

33000 October 25th, 2017

34000 December 26th, 2017

35000. January 18th 2018

36000. January 23rd 2018

Moral: Invest & stay invested to create wealth through stock market. There is no magic word or short cut but to only be disciplined is the way to go…..!!!!