No Mobile Signal for OTP

Sometime’s calamities teaches us how we are dependant or addicted to technologies(or multiple technologies)!!! It has been 24+ hours since I stayed without internet & mobile signal!!! Eventually there was no Facebook, Instagram, Email, Whatsapp or Talking to friends!!! I didn’t know… Read More

Enroute to office!!!

On the way to office it all trees on the road!!! But the surprise is people are back to normal life as always!!! The damage is more than expected but never see people complaining!!! People have started cleaning the roads without government… Read More

Cyclone Vardah has Paralised Life

As it is a norm for every cyclone, life has come to an halt this time too!! No electricity!!! Roads water logged and travelling is tough!!! No electricity, No TV!! Also we have declared holiday for our Chennai office folks… So, not… Read More

The Three Chaiwalas!!!

Today I’m seriously considering to enter politics!!! Want to see if luck will favour another Chaiwala!!!

RIP Iron Lady

I’m no big fan of Jayalalitha!!! But I admire her; Attitude Persistence Fighting Back Though her rule has be ridiculed for; Lack of development Corruption Autocratic Decisions She was able to fight back every time she was written off from politics!!!  I… Read More

It is time to move my loyalty from Naturals Salon

It is time to change my decade long loyalty with Naturals Salon… As a person who has seen their service for a decade, I can feel the deterioration in their service standards… I remember during the early days there would be a… Read More

Rule by Divide

To rule India, the Britishers exaggerated the Divide on caste, religion and language amongst the Indians, to rule the country and they did it successfully for almost two centuries… Now even after 68 years of independence we have only increased the divide… Read More

Irritating Staff at Toll Points

Getting irritated by the behaviour of toll point staffs… Today started my drive down to Chennai from Pollachi… My toll started from Coimbatore L&T toll and the toll charge was ₹31 and I gave him ₹50… The staff sitting on the booth… Read More

My Secrets

As a person I cannot keep Secrets and cannot be Secretive!!! But I’ve my own share untold secrets, though they are very minimal!!! As always most of the secrets were the crush I had on girls… Mostly I kept those crush as secrets without… Read More

Need information on Car Tyres

Already touched 57000 KM on my car and it is time to change the tyres!!! Just when I was thinking about it, I came across tyres section in PayTM!!! Now I need some details/information before going with online purchase!!! Is it safe… Read More