Live Electricity Wire on a water logged road!!!

Got this as an Whatsapp forward!!! It is a Live Electricity Wire which has fallen on the road!!!

Looks scary and worried about the Value for human life!!!

We are far below third world countries 😡

Place: Avadi

Location: Chennai, TN, India.

Incident: During Chennai Rains 2017.

Scared of Layoffs? Then CODE

Keep getting calls from friends that their jobs are at stake because of Automation & AI. In fact a close buddy of mine called me two days back telling his job is at stake.

He said his company has moved out of Peoplesoft and unfortunately his expertise was into it. He said his competency was on the tool and he has lost his touch on coding. His purpose of call was to understand the technology trends and how he has to learn/practice coding.

For a long time Swami & me keep insisting folks who needs an IT career to code. People who get laid off are people who are;

  • Project Managers
  • People Managers
  • Account Managers
  • Manual Software Testers
  • Customer Support Executives

To my knowledge not a single person who is a coder got laid off!!!

World is moving towards the RIGHT!!

Right WingUP!!! India’s largest state in terms of Size, Population and Minority influence has given a clear mandate to Right Wing BJP!!

After a week of deliberations the party has announced Yogi Adityanath, an extreme Right Wing activist as the Chief Minister designate!!

Already Social Media & News channels are up with their Ante!! But I’m not going to talk about the good or bad about Yogi nor going to give my opinion on things that is going to shape India!!!

But I’m curious to know if the world is changing?? Almost every country is moving towards the Right!!!

  1. I’d consider Donald Trumph’s campaign and win as Right Wing wave!!
  2. Britain went with Right Wing Theresa May!!
  3. Germany is with Angela Merkel!!

Right Wing is becoming a global phenomenon and are the liberals missing a point here??

Though I’m not an expert in this topic, I see minority appeasement is bringing the rise of Right Wing!!

Let us see how this world is shaping up in the next decade!!

My perception on SOHO has changed!!

Yesterday I went to NABARD office in Madurai and realised it was a SOHO at their Madurai officers house. Also it was NEWS that all NABARD offices in smaller cities are SOHO.

I had a long discussion with NABARD representative, but there was no disturbance from family members.

My personal experience from a SOHO has been horrible and so has been the case of most of my friends. 

At a time when I was convinced that SOHO is a failure, I came across a government office which has successfully pioneered SOHO.

Working hard for Alternate Income

I was 24 when I read this book Rich Dad Poor Dad and it’s been 13 years!!! 

Before getting into the subject, let me give a brief about me!!!

I’m an entrepreneur managing 3 entities which are into Technology Services, Management Consulting and Coffee Business. 

Also I’m fairly doing good with my business!!!

But now where I keep failing for last 13 years is my efforts on creating residual income, which keeps coming even if I don’t work.

In these 13 years I’ve;

  • Purchased Properties
  • Invested in MF’s & Stocks
  • Did Angel Funding & Seed Funding 

After doing all these I found India to be over priced on Properties, MF’s & Stocks. Income from these investments are far less than what is showcased on the book. 

All I can make is the profits that comes from exits and not from Rent or Dividends!!

Also I’ve burned my fingers on Angel & Seed Funding because I made these investments even before the Startup boom and almost all the entities I invested are dead!!! 

But I always enjoyed the experience of being associated with a startup and diverse subject knowledge I gained!!!

With all these failed attempts I’ve come to the conclusion that India is not the right place for creating residual income.

Just looking for anyone who has followed Rich Dad Poor Dad recommendation and made it big in India or is India a wrong place for Rober Kiyosaki’s concepts??

Am expecting response from readers!!

No Mobile Signal for OTP

Sometime’s calamities teaches us how we are dependant or addicted to technologies(or multiple technologies)!!!

It has been 24+ hours since I stayed without internet & mobile signal!!! Eventually there was no Facebook, Instagram, Email, Whatsapp or Talking to friends!!!

I didn’t know how to while away time as there was no radio or TV since there was no power!!!

Couldn’t venture out because of rains and winds and added to that, its all trees on the road!!! My own street was blocked by our mango tree which got uprooted!!!

After all this, I managed to while away the day with much difficulty… Once I woke up it was same situation on Internet, Power and mobile signal but the rains and winds have stopped, so I immediate decided to start to office!!! Nobody could contact me nor I could contact my office folks!!! Anyways I decided to goto office and check!!! To my surprise almost everyone was come before me!!!

Greatest relief after reaching was there was internet & electricity!!! And this is what I badly wanted!!! I couldn’t express the joy or relief!!!

After checking official email, the next thing is to update relatives and friends that we are safe!!!

Then wanted to do my banking transactions and tried to do a NEFT transfer!!! After crossing all the stages I got struck when I was waiting for OTP!!! Only then I realised there was no mobile signal to receive messages 🙂

OTP Screen!!
Waiting to receive OTP!!

Though it is going to take 2-3 days to get back to normal!!! I could sense a great feel of relief!!! Now it is time for FB and Blog!!! 

Then should get back to serious business ;)!!

Enroute to office!!!

On the way to office it all trees on the road!!! But the surprise is people are back to normal life as always!!!

Chakrapani Street!!!
Chakrapani Street!!!
Chakrapani Street near Five Lights looks like a forest!!! The road got blocked!!
Yet another hurdle to office!!! Another street in Kodambakkam!!!
Street at Kodambakkam!!! Had to cross this to office!!!
Grandmother’s Street!!!
Coconut tree at my grandmother’s house!! This tree has sentimental value to me!!! It was planted before I was born, I’ve watered this tree & manures this tree!!! It is really tough to see something die during your lifetime 😦

The damage is more than expected but never see people complaining!!! People have started cleaning the roads without government participation!!!

Cyclone Vardah has Paralised Life

As it is a norm for every cyclone, life has come to an halt this time too!!

  • No electricity!!!
  • Roads water logged and travelling is tough!!!
  • No electricity, No TV!!

Also we have declared holiday for our Chennai office folks… So, not much work to be engaged. Just talking to Madurai office folks and working on all pending tasks!!!