Pathetic Maintenance of Big Cinemas

Exactly a year I was thrilled to see the Launch of new twin screen by BIG cinemas. This cinemas is the first multiplex for Madurai and they have credits of launching best Hindi movies.

They have scrutinising process before entering the screen & cigarettes, hans, pan parag etc were not allowed.

• To my surprise we were not screened this time.
• Toilets were badly maintained & it stinks. Totally unusable.
• Even there is some bad smell inside the theatre.
• Seats were also not maintained properly.

It is sad to see such corporate run theatres falling short of maintenance. This is where Satyam Cinemas rocks over Inox / PVR / BIG.

Missing Madurai

It is true that we don’t realize the importance of things we have in hand. we miss it only when we loose it or when we are away from it.

Likewise i use to curse madurai when i was there a year back. i thought my life is gone there. but over days i got the opportunity to penetrate into their culture and got linked with lots of people, lot of hangouts, lots joints etc.

Its been three months since i’ve been to madurai and now i really miss the place, miss my friends out there, miss Pandiyan Hotel, Big Cinemas, Coffee Float, Cafe Coffee Day and my taste buds long to have Dosai’s from Ayyappan Tiffin Center, Amma mess, ice-creams of tornado, flavors of sugarcane juice, Padaneer et more.

Because of my work schedule in chennai I’m not sure when i’ll be making to madurai soon. but when i visit madurai next it will definitely be for 15 – 20 days as i dont want to miss the experience this time.

Love you Madurai!! Miss You!! Miss Anjaanenjan Annan!!

At last Joy in Madurai

It has been 10 months since I’ve been visiting Madurai and initial 2 month have been great struggle to catch up with the culture. Also added up to the irony the city was deprived of Multiplexes and MNC food joints / boutique food joints. In these 10 months I’ve experimented tasting lots of family run food joints and did a lot of Vagabond trips to locations near to Madurai.

Also for last two months I had to postpone my Vagabond travelling because of summer and still pinch of summer is severe.

Starting from next month I’ll start my weekend vagabond trips and the places in the list are; 

  • Rameshwaram
  • Kuttralam
  • Valparai
  • A days stay in KaniyaKumari

DSC01186DSC01188Apart from this there is a brand new coffee shop opened in Anna Nagar which has a great ambiance and menus are also good. Also it is not crowded yet and I really enjoy visiting this joint.

By the end of August Millennium Mall will be open for public and it has 3 screen multiplex.


DSC01182DSC01184Also 2 weeks back Big Cinemas has opened 2 screen multiples which is screening Hindi & English movies and also the ambience is nice and place is clean.

At last I feel a sense of relief as I might not feel bored during evenings and weekends.