Busy Monday

Got up by 8 AM and immediately stung into routine and got ready by 9.30AM… Then started the day by receiving a call from my BDE team leader Senthil and from then I wound me calls by 6.30 in the evening with a 20 min lunch break… So, who all I spoke to?? Let me list for my records;

1.) Senthil – Business Development Team Lead CT
2.) Ramesh – Products Team Head CT
3.) BalaKrishnan – VP Marketing CT
4.) BalaMurugan – CEO CCS
5.) Major Karthik – Head Of Operations Madurai CT
6.) Vaidegi – SMM CCS
7.) Sangeetha – Delivery Head CCS
8.) Meena – HR CT

And by the time it was evening and checked my email, FB and made some calls to friends… Then again it ws calling time with night shift folks for assigning task and collection updates… Overall the day ran without any stress or strain…