Added 10 Need Bonsai to my collections!!!

Growing Bonsai has become my new hobby… It was raining for a week and I thought it was right time for hunting semi grown Neem Saplings!!!

Went for hunting saplings near the banks of Vaigai River and because of rains, was able to pull the plants easily…

I was able to pot 10 New Neem Bonsai’s… I pruned pruned the leafs, branches and stems…

Here are the pictures of my new additions…

Pruned Neem Bonsai!!
Planted New Neem Bonsai!!!

Aerial view of my bonsai plants!!

Need Bonsai | Banyan Bonsai | Ficus Bonsai | Palm Bonsai | Coconut Bonsai
My bonsai collections!!

First Bonsai Experiment

I’ve been incliented towards bonsai since my school days. I tried making my need bonsai biring the 1990’s, those were the days where there was no internet and I lacked resources to practice.

Something struck my mind about bonsai and immediately I checked for bonsai related videos in YouTube. There were pleanty of DIY videos.

Showed the video to my driver and he was so excited to see such a thing existed and he wanted to be a part of the experiment.

We created a checklist to start with;

  • River Rock Stones
  • Redsand
  • Vermicompost
  • Hunt for Neem/Palm/Banyan tree(We were lucky to get good Neem & Palm tree)
  • Clay Soil
  • Cocopeat
  • Bonsai Pot

Though I wanted to be a part of the tree hunt. I stayed our because it being a week day, I didn’t want to waste on my productive working hours.

My driver was handy and we interacted thru WhatsApp in collecting things. I selected the pot and the tree thru the WhatsApp images he shared with me.

I had Cocopeat, Vermicompost, Redsand in my garding kit. Also we had good clay soil in my house and we used it. Vaigai river flows right behind my community and we were able to get river rocks from there.

Then in less than 30 min we were able to complete our experiment of setting up our Bonsai.


Neem & Palm Bonsai

We had good fun and excitement.

Next day being a Saturday, I wanted to add Coconut to my collection and immediately went to a nearby nursery and was able to source a month old plant.

As we had the resources handy and with the help of YouTube we did our Coconut Bonsai too in 30 min.

Coconut Bonsai

Now, it is the patience part. It is time to maintain it and see the results. Next 45 days is going to be fun.

Once succeed in my experiment. I’ll video shoot the making process and I’ll post it as a separate blog.