Touch Base Time

For almost six months I stayed disconnected from most of my friends….

  • Didn’t pick their calls…
  • Didn’t respond to their FB messages…
  • Didn’t respond to their emails…

Not sure what gave the energy I almost touch based with a lot of my friends…. A lot has happened over this six months of disconnect….

  • A friend met with an accident and his life changed badly….
  • A friend took a turn from his IT business and has diversified to ice- cream making…
  • A friend made me think bad by apologising for not lifting his calls… Just replied him the curcomestances which pushed me to break communications…

In one day I touch based with 9 friends of mine and it is time to catch up s’more to say I’m back to my routine…..

Mobile communications without a regular network

The TerraNet technology enables mobile communications without a regular mobile network. As soon as two or more wireless units equipped with TerraNet technology are within reach of each other, they automatically form their own network and can start communicating.

Units within such a network can communicate with each other directly up to a certain distance depending on frequency and the environment. If the distance is larger, the communication is relayed through one or more of up to seven intermediate units. Consequently, the network will gradually cover larger and larger areas as more units are connected to it.

A TerraNet network requires no central system, base stations or telecom provider. Everything is handled by the units themselves and the network is formed automatically.

The network can be connected to the rest of the world through a computer network or some other established network structure. To connect a TerraNet network to a computer, you just install a gateway and make sure that one of the units in the TerraNet network is within reach of the computer. To connect it to a traditional telephony network structure, standard methods of interconnection are applicable.

There are a great number of possible applications for the TerraNet technology. We are constantly on the outlook for possible partners with interesting ideas about how to use our technology. If you have a good idea in mind, please feel free to contact us for further discussions.

The Rural Telephony Application Area
Based on our technology we are currently developing a wireless phone system for areas where traditional telephone networks are not available.  There are a number of possible fields of application for this system:

    • People living in remote, rural areas can get access to telecommunications.
    • Telecom providers can dramatically extend the reach of their networks without large investments in telecom infrastructure.
    • In disaster areas where the traditional communications networks are down, a TerraNet-based telephone system can be set up in a few hours.

Since any TerraNet rural telephony system can be connected to an access point, e.g. an internet-connected computer, the rest of the world can be reached as well..

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