All that’s LEFT

Map of Communist Ruled State in India!!

This is what is left of the Left parties in India!!

Capitalist Votes for Communist

Reached home by 9.30 AM from Madurai & immediately took bath and went to take bath… The very scene was different as I’ve never seen such a crowd in the past 2 occasions I voted… On last two occasions I immediately went inside and voted; but this time I had to wait for 45 min… That was the amount of crowd and everyone I interacted wanted a Change….

Coming to my choice of vote I’ve been open about my loyalty this time & I had not confusion because there was neither DMK nor AIADMK were contesting from my constituency… So, the fight was between the allies PMK & CPM… Considering both I didn’t want to vote for a Party which runs on polarization…

So, my choice was obvious and I had no confusion….