No Mobile Signal for OTP

Sometime’s calamities teaches us how we are dependant or addicted to technologies(or multiple technologies)!!!

It has been 24+ hours since I stayed without internet & mobile signal!!! Eventually there was no Facebook, Instagram, Email, Whatsapp or Talking to friends!!!

I didn’t know how to while away time as there was no radio or TV since there was no power!!!

Couldn’t venture out because of rains and winds and added to that, its all trees on the road!!! My own street was blocked by our mango tree which got uprooted!!!

After all this, I managed to while away the day with much difficulty… Once I woke up it was same situation on Internet, Power and mobile signal but the rains and winds have stopped, so I immediate decided to start to office!!! Nobody could contact me nor I could contact my office folks!!! Anyways I decided to goto office and check!!! To my surprise almost everyone was come before me!!!

Greatest relief after reaching was there was internet & electricity!!! And this is what I badly wanted!!! I couldn’t express the joy or relief!!!

After checking official email, the next thing is to update relatives and friends that we are safe!!!

Then wanted to do my banking transactions and tried to do a NEFT transfer!!! After crossing all the stages I got struck when I was waiting for OTP!!! Only then I realised there was no mobile signal to receive messages 🙂

OTP Screen!!
Waiting to receive OTP!!

Though it is going to take 2-3 days to get back to normal!!! I could sense a great feel of relief!!! Now it is time for FB and Blog!!! 

Then should get back to serious business ;)!!


Cyclone Vardah has Paralised Life

As it is a norm for every cyclone, life has come to an halt this time too!!

  • No electricity!!!
  • Roads water logged and travelling is tough!!!
  • No electricity, No TV!!

Also we have declared holiday for our Chennai office folks… So, not much work to be engaged. Just talking to Madurai office folks and working on all pending tasks!!!

Rain Rain Rain

These are some of the rarest times in Chennai… Climate is at 21 degrees, it is raining continuously for a week, News channels are happy airing all the scams, wonderful climate to workout etc. etc.

I’m enjoying the most out of these rarest seasons in Chennai… Only sad thing is I’ve been suffering from Cold & Fever for almost a week and was unable to have my favorite ice-creams, cold-coffee or milk-shakes…

Also another special thing about this monsoon is that I’ve been at home most of the time and this is happening after almost a decade… During schooling days we had monsoon running for a week and we use to get 3 – 4 cyclone holiday. All neighbors will assemble in one place and we all use to play carron board as there wont be any power during monsoon those days.

But this monsoon I spent most of the time watching TV, Working from Home & a lot of time for self-analysis. Now it is time to pack bags to Madurai and spend some Cool moments there…