Too much caution!! Leads to disaster!!!!

Finished my first hop of my itinerary at SFO and next hop is to Vegas!!! There are no compliant as it has a business meeting with some fun..

My flight to Vegas was by 10.40 AM and should have been fine if I was at the airport by 8 AM. NOT to take any chance, I wrapped up my day early yesterday and crashed early!!

In the morning I got up by 3.15 AM and was ready by 4 AM. I CHECKED OUT and reached Bart Station by 4.30 AM only to find it to be closed.

First train from Daly City Bart Station to airport was by 6.53 AM and I had good two and half hours for the train.

Situation 1: There we’re bunch of homeless sleeping and one guy was shouting on me.

Not, knowing what to do was thinking crazy things if I’ve to walk or take an Uber!! I signed up for Uber, but it couldn’t go thru with my Indian Credit Card!!

Next, thought of walking!! But it was a three hour walk early in the morning!!! I decided to drop this option too!!

Situation 2: It was 4.30AM and it was too cold for me to be on the road!! Look at the weather at 6AM!!

Coming from India, this is something untolorable!!

Finally, without much options I crossed the road and got settled in a neighborhood which was silent and without any risk!!!

Whiled away on the streets for two hours until the station was opened!! Until entering the the airport it was freezing to core.

But I love this experience as breaking the barriers makes us strong. Overall it has become one of the days to remember in my life!!