Weekly review for IamCJ.in and todo list for this week

Travelling, driving and business are three things I enjoy the most… When all the three converges then it is a bliss…

Sunday started with boredom and just thought of leaving to Madurai by afternoon…

These tweets shows my boredom!!!  

Halfway through the drive checked with Dinesh if he was free and where was he?? He said he was in Dindigul and I took a detour at Trichy and drove to Dindigul…

We met by 8.30 PM for dinner cum business meeting at Hotel Maha Jothi in Dindigul!!!

After the review we segregated the completed task, in progress task and to be started from last week list;

Completed Task

  • Logo design
  • Document all expenses
  • Update linked in profile
  • PPT for IamCJ
  • PPT feedback from Anand

In progress

  • Site Setup
  • Document all feedback
  • Talking with reporters

Not yet started

  • Alpha Team
  • Get T-Shirt

Wrapped up the meeting after creating the ToDo List for this week;

  • Carry forward In-Progress & Not Yet Started task
  • Write on daily challenges 
  • Document feedback from alpha team

Had wonderful time @ Taj Coromandal..,

While driving thru Taj Coromadal for a meeting I told my wife that Gilli Briyani was my Favorate and for the first time she told me that I’ve never taken her out to such places… After all I’m still trying to understand her likes & dislikes…

After some discussion with our coffee consultants & after completing year end audit of CT…

We went out for dinner to Taj along with Yamuna, Ravi SIR & Bala… It was very very enjoyable by pranking each other…



Came Across Twilight Takeout

Today i was damm hungry by 2 o clock at night. I didn’t know if i could find out some food where in i have options and that too something is healthy and something that suits my diet. When i asked my friend if i had an option he asked me to goto this place called Twilight Takeout.

The name itself tells that it is only takeout and the joint operated from 7 PM – 7 AM to cater to all night birds. For all of you who have never come across here is the address and a snapshot of menu.

Twilight Takeout

#1, Park Side Street,
Lake Area,
Chennai – 600 034
Phone: 044 – 43081222 / 43081333
Web: www.twilight-takeout.com

Door delivery available within 3 KM radius from the joint.