Yet another ambitious guy falling for DOGMA :(

Early morning when I was half asleep got a call from a friend who is several years junior to me… I’ve known this kid for almost 10 years and he has never even entered his teen… He called me to inform me that he has completed his graduation and he is working as a lecturer… First I couldn’t believe my eyes to see the kid taking up a job and that to as a lecturer…

Second I was surprised and saddened to see him taking up a job…I’ve known this guy to be independent, rebellious, notorious, brave, and huge passion for movies… Almost every day he lived for movies and he can replicate personalities and dialogues… His aim was to become a Cinema Director…

Today when I was talking to him I told him I couldn’t believe how come he be a good lecturer as he himself was notorious and uncontrollable and also how he can give up his dream so easily…

His instant reply was to please his parents for two years and after two years he wanted to pursue his dream… Though I was not convinced and pleased… I told him he is making his life complicated and told he has fallen into the trap… I advised him dreamers always need to start early before falling into any commitment or tasting the comfort zone…

He said he is firm that he would quit his job in 2 years and join movies and he wants to please his parents for 2 years… I didn’t want to advice him much and wrapped the conversation by wishing him luck in his career and prayers for not falling into DOGMA…

What is DOGMA??
Dogma is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

From the morning I’m deeply disturbed because I know think guy had deep talent and he would have made it big in Movies… Yet another year and yet another case of a person falling prey to the trap laid by mediocre parents…


Onsite offer

I was in flight, was going to onsite once again. was very happy plane takes off, n takes me to the sky. i looked outside the window, nice evening scene, feels like heaven.

i just lost myself in that beauty. Someone’s voice disturbed me “excuse me sir, would you like to have something?”   i turned back, and was surprise to see my beautiful old schoolmate, Saakshi.

“Hey Saakshi, is that you, how come you… Wow, you looks still the same, pretty.. In this Air-hostess suit”

“Saurabh, wo…..w, I cant believe this is you.. ohh sorry I am on my job, will talk to you later” she left smile on my face. I coudnt believe in my eyes, It reminded me my school days memories.

How crazy i was about her, always followed her after the school, wrote love letters, but never dared to give one of them. Always looking at her in the class, from last bench. she was the queen of our class. I fought with 2-3 other guys for her, how stupid I was.

I coudnt stop myself, looking at her again, I was amazed to see that, she became more beautiful then she were at school. She too looked at me and smile, then she said something to her fellow air-hostess, then they both started smiling.

I was clueless that wat happened. her colleague was also damn pretty. Oh my god, today you fulfil one of my dream.

I thought of going there and having chat with her, but i knew that, its her job, so I stopped myself. Again started looking outside the window. We were above the clouds making an awesome scene outside, also inside, because of her smile.

I got some courage, and pretended that I am going towards toilet. I looked at her, she understood what I desired. She came toward me and said : “extremly sorry yaar, I couldnt talk to you much, so say how are you, where have you been these many years, and whats your success story? for what purpose you are going?”

“hmmm… i was always there, it was you who left everything after school, i searched you, so many places wherever i could, but no existence of you. Then i completed my college, got a job in such a nice company, i didnt know, my company will give me this much, still i m going for an onsite job, dont know when will return back. you know, i got everything in my life except someone, with whom i can actually share my world, my success. someone…”

I looked straight into her eyes.. those blue eyes, i think she got the answer, who is that ‘someone’ with some pain in her eyes, she said, “sorry got to go,will give you my number”

I again, sat back to my seat,very silent, looking outside, and hoping some answer. It was dark outside by that time, some thunder in cloud, just like inside my heart.

Then suddenly, plane started getting hiccups.. everone got scared.. I saw Saakshi running towards mic, she made an announcement, that dont be panic as they are facing a storm outside. But plane started shaking badly, everyone started feeling its the last moment of their lives…

I keep on watching Saakshi, and she to me…

Then something hit my back hard and there was a complete darkness in front of me..

Deep silent, but i could still feel the shaking plane, and people’s scream..

Then someone shouted… ‘Saaaauuuuraaabhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!’

“Saurabh, wake up you are again sleeping in office, wake up, i need that report urgently”

Damn.. I looked here-there, same ODC, no Onsite, no plane.. no Saakshi..

I stared at my PM in anger.. Because of you only, that plane crashed!!