Indoor Golf @ CCS

When I got an invitation to CEO lifestyle i got carried away with lots of things that were displayed in the stalls. So, i thought i must buy something from the fair and have a New Year resolution based on it.

So, one of the new year resolution is to Buy an indoor Golf Putter and practice it during free time in office & to get trained at Driving Range.

Yesterday i got my indoor golf kit from The Golf Planet which i ordered a month back.

Again I’m prone (or known) of over doing things.

I got a Golf Hat & a Gloves to play in indoor. As i want to be perfect. Even today i came with Golf Dress code.

  • Colored T-Shirt.
  • Jeans Pant.
  • Shoes.

If anyone wants to play please drop in. But I’m very serious about dress code.

  • Colored Shirt / T-Shirt
  • Trowser (Half or Full)
  • Shoes
  • Glove
  • Shirt Tucked in

So here is the preview of my Golf Kit.