Experimenting Google Keyboard Shortkuts

Anything happening with Google is a Buzz. Today when i went into google i got a message “Try Google Experimental” on Google footer. Immediately my curiosity made to try that link and immediately explore what is new they are trying. In the morning i tried keyboard shortcuts and by now i became familiar with it and from now i think i might stop using mouse any more.

For those who are new to this can try these shortcuts.

First you have to goto http://www.google.com/experimental/ and enable the experiment option. From then you will be able to use following shortcut keys.

Key Action
J Selects the next result.
K Selects the previous result.
O Opens the selected result.
<Enter> Opens the selected result.
/ Puts the cursor in the search box.
<Esc> Removes the cursor from the search box.