Can You Manage Sales?!

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Cogzidel, a young & vibrant company backed up a seasoned management team, is onto providing solutions to its customer on Web, Mobile & Wearable Technology. We are industry leaders on the rental management platform. As we scale our global brand, there’s plenty of space for you to grow alongside us and simplify solutions for our customers around the world.

Our sales team shares businesses of all sizes around the world and helps them make their dream a reality. We’re a collaborative and empathetic sales team, focused on understanding what businesses need to work better together.

This is a high impact role, you will help develop strategies to break into new markets and empower a team of high caliber Account Executives to help prospects understand what simplified solutions Cogzidel can offer to their business. We are looking to hire a smart, driven, high-caliber individual who is passionate about tech and works…

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Is CHENNAI a Telegu Name??? That’s what Historians say

What does Chennai mean? The question troubled Paris-based historian J B P More quite a lot. After painstaking research, he found the answer.

In his recently released book, titled ‘Origin and Foundation of Madras’, More says, “Chinapatnam and Chennapatnam were the other names for Madras used by Tamil and Telugu settlers in the area. Chennapatnam was ‘Tamilised’ as Chennai but the word didn’t mean anything in Tamil. It’s undoubtedly a Telugu word.”

Madraspatnam was derived from Medu Rasa Patnam, said More, who was in Chennai on Saturday to release his book. “When Nayak Venkatappa (a local chieftain) issued a grant (a portion of the area where subsequently Fort St George came up) in favour of the English in 1639, only Madraspatnam was mentioned in it. But during the 1640s, two new names for Madraspatnam or for the area inhabited by Tamils and Telugus around Fort St George seems to have come into existence. They were Chinapatnam and Chennapatnam,” he said.

Chinapatnam would have been the first name that would have come into existence in the Tamil-Telugu quarters to signify the Black Town of Madraspatnam. “‘Chenna’ in Telugu means fair and is not to be confused with the Tamil ‘Chinna’, which means small. In Tamil, ‘Chenna’ is meaningless,” said More.

He said in the Tamil Lexicon, the Tamil word ‘Cennai’ has been mentioned which would signify ‘a drum announcing religious procession of an idol’. More said there was no reference in documents and literature of the period to ‘Chennai’ as a drum.

“In the document of Beri Timanna, we find ‘Chenna’ written as ‘Chennai’. Thus Chenna Kesava Perumal became Chennai Kesava Perumal and Chennapatnam became Chennai Pattanam.

This seems to be purely the work of a translator of the 19th century who had preferred to Tamilise the Telugu word ‘Chenna’ into ‘Chennai’ so it sounded more Tamil,” said More. “The word ‘Chennai’ seems to have been born to designate Madras town. Its origin is Telugu. There is nothing Tamil in it,” he added.

Source: Times Of India

Cogzidel’s Commanders Huddle at Swami SoHo

Cogzidel’s Commanders Huddled at CTO Swaminathan Kasiviswanathan’s New SoHo…

One thing I like about Swami is the way he experiments & he pushes me try out my crazy stuff..

Here is Cogzidel’s first SoHo & first meeting in a SoHo…

Sales Team presented their Plans & Proposal for the subsequent week…

Shiva Presenting his Plans & Proposals…

Sid’s turn to present…

Shiva bypasses Dspark to convince Swami…

Get Ready Indigo Marina

Six years back I met with an accident with this car… The car was badly damaged and it saved me unhurt… From then I developed an emotional connect with this car… Even when people advised me to sell the car… I gently ignored their suggestions…

But I couldn’t use this car inside a city owning to its size and the mileage… I mostly use this car for long drives… Since I couldn’t travel a lot for last 20 months, this car was lying unused… Now I’m driving this car to Madurai…

After opening the cover;

  • Car deserved a cleaning and asked my maid to do that immediately…
  • Battery had to be changed and did that immediately
  • A/C pressure was less than 80… Filled gas and the A/C is working fine…
  • To my surprise tyres had enough Air… But checked it anyway…
  • There was some bad petrol smell… Went for a drive and things were normal

Now am super excited to drive to Madurai tomorrow…

History behind Hyderabad streets and locality names

Raza Ali Khan, was the Dewan of Nizam’s State in 1670 AD. His Title was ‘Nekh Nam Khan’ A jagir was granted to him, which came to be called nekh-Nampally. This became ‘Nampally’.

Basheerunnissa Begum, daughter of Nizam II was married to a Paigah noble. She received lands in dowry. The village came to be known as Begumpet.

The jagir granted to Khairunnisa Begum daughrer of Ibrahim Qutub Shah, came to be known as Khairatabad.

Begum Bazar:
Land gifted by Humda Begum ( the wife of Nizam Ali Khan Nizamul Mulk) to the merchants of Hyderabad for trade and commerce, finally developed as Begum Bazar.

Sultan Bazar:
After 1933, the Residency bazar was renamed Sultan Bazar, when these areas were returned to the Nizam, by the British (Residency).

Afzal Gunj:
The V Niza
m (Afzalud Dawlah) gifted land to the grain merchants for trade and commerce. The place was named Afzal Gunj.

Named after Sikander jha (1806) (III Nizam). The Village where British troops were stationed.

Ma Saheba Ka Talab:
Hayat Bakshi Begum, wife of Quli Qutub Shah VI – was called Ma Saheba. The tank constructed by her to irrigate lands of Mallepally village, was called Masaheba ka Talab. Finally it was called Masab Tank.

Kadve Saheb Ki Galli (lane):
After a person, who was always angry-faced and talked ill of others. This lane is in the old city.

Himayat Nagar:
New locality named
after Himayat Ali Khan – Azam Jha – eldest son of VII Nizam – Osman Ali Khan ( in 1933). His name was Himayat Ali Khan.

New locality named after Hyder Ali, who was 1st Talukhdar (District Collector) and owned lands in the village formerly the Jagir of Vaheed Unnisa Begum, wife of Nizam. The locality is called after him, as Hyderguda.

Basheer Bagh:
The garden of Sir Asman Jha, Basirud-dulah – a Paigah Noble, who had a palace at the Garden.

A revenue department employee, named Sonaji, who owned lands and resided in this village. Sonaji became Somaji and the hamlet came to be called ‘Somajiguda’ . (Guda is from Godem a hamlet).

Named after Malik Yakoob, a servant of Abdulah Qutub Shah Golconda King where he resided had a market, hence the name Malakpet.

A Jagir village of Sayed Meer Momin, Dewan of Golconda (1591).

Abid Shop:
A Valet and steward of Nizam (VI) Mahboob Ali Khan. This man had his first shop here.

Named after Sarwari Afzal Bai, mistress of Arasthu Jha. Dewan of Hyderabad, who granted a Jagir,and constructed a palace and Garden for her.

The village named after Abdul Samad with the titles; Dabir-ul Mulk, a noble man.

Noor Khan Bazar:
A market developed by Noor Khan, who came from Lucknow, during the time of the II Nizam.

A locality to the West of Lakdi-ka-pul. The barracks of Abyssinian Cavalry Guards of Raja of Wanaparthy – (1910) (Abyssinia is the old name of Ethiopia, an East African country).