Mahabalipuram Thiruvizha

Last saturday we have been to Mayajaal to watch Vinnai Thandi Varuvaiyaa. We were there in the theatre by 8 o clock and we got tickets for 1.30 show in the midnight. We didn’t know how to while away our time till midnight.

We thought we can take one thing at a time and we went to Mahabalipuram to have dinner. Only on reaching the spot we came to know the day was Thiruvizha (Fair).

It was a pleasant surprise and we enjoyed every bit of it. We went there by nine o clock and were there till one o clock. We shot balloons, went for a ride on the swing, made some crazy purchase like;

  • Captain Imaged Watch
  • Yellow colored sun googles
  • Beads chains
  • Rings
  • Boll key chains
  • Beads bangles

I’m to a fair after a long time and it was a nice and surprise day out.