Revival of 1997

Day before yesterday was one of the landmark days in my life… It was the reunion of 1997 batch mates of AV Meiyappan Matriculation HR Sec School… I’d like to thank JB Vinodh for initiating the idea and Srinivasan for executing the plan…

Though there were only 10 folks who turned up it was a great while to rewind 14 years back… In fact I met most of them after 14 years… We couldn’t accept that we were all grown and thine has passed this passed…

The fact is no one has changed in character and almost everyone was spontaneous in pulling down each other… Recollecting old memories, punishments, quarrels, ex-love (infatuation), teachers etc…

We have forgot the names of almost many girls and everyone explained situations to recollect names and personalities… One good thing was no one talked about profession or success stories…

We have planned to have a big reunion during November as most of the folks living abroad are planning a visit… Hope it should be more fun and am waiting for that day…

These photos will last in my memories forever..





Wonderful New Year Bash

It was almost 6 PM reaching Chennai from Chidambaram… Almost all my pals were not available;

  • Balaji is in Australia…
  • Kavi went to Bangalore to meet his fiancee…
  • Roshan went to Thirupathi…

And my saviour of the day was Rooban & things were not planning until the last minute… When I called Rooban at 6 PM he asked me to get ready for a drive to Pondy… I was not excited with Pondy for following reasons;

  • I just travelled through Pondy while driving to Chennai…
  • We were not planned and any messing will spoil the day…
  • I always cant forget C@$%^Y in Pondy and am not prepared to there for any other event…

Then we finally decided to Settle for some place in Chennai… Since one of my old friend had taken rights to organize events at The Park I had open access to Pasha, Leather Bar & Banquet hall… Because of the crowd at Leather Bar & Pasha we settled at Banquet Hall… Events got started by 8.30 PM and when I checked time it was 1.30 AM… We all missed to Shout Happy New Year at zero’th hour… That was the fun we had that night…

Then we went to Thiruvanmiyur beach and stayed for some time… Then we started feeling hungry and went to Taj Coromandel only to be sent back because the Restaurent is closed… Then we went to Residency for buffer and after a small grub we decided to book room and stay there…

Since we got free entry and spent nothing for the New Year bash we booked a room at Residency slept until 1 PM and went back home… Then after wishing my parents, going to a temple with Roshan we rushed back to the Hotel to utilize the full 24 hours…

Over all it was really an electrifying New Year and I’m charged enough to start 2011 with a bang…

Mahabalipuram Thiruvizha

Last saturday we have been to Mayajaal to watch Vinnai Thandi Varuvaiyaa. We were there in the theatre by 8 o clock and we got tickets for 1.30 show in the midnight. We didn’t know how to while away our time till midnight.

We thought we can take one thing at a time and we went to Mahabalipuram to have dinner. Only on reaching the spot we came to know the day was Thiruvizha (Fair).

It was a pleasant surprise and we enjoyed every bit of it. We went there by nine o clock and were there till one o clock. We shot balloons, went for a ride on the swing, made some crazy purchase like;

  • Captain Imaged Watch
  • Yellow colored sun googles
  • Beads chains
  • Rings
  • Boll key chains
  • Beads bangles

I’m to a fair after a long time and it was a nice and surprise day out.

My Birthday Party

This is a post which i must have made a week back. But because of hectic schedule i had to wait for long to make many posts.

One important post which i must share is that of my Birthday party. It all started on 24th a day before my birthday which is on February 25th. I know my sister would have planned a surprise and i wanted to prank her. So i asked Balaji to book tickets for some movie.

Then the evening as a coincidence my sister came home the same time i reached with a cover and there were lots of covers with cakes in kitchen i realized there is something special going to happen.

Then i told my mother and sister that i already planned for a movie with Balaji and immediately i got a call from Balaji telling his fiance has lost the ring he has got him. Initially i thought it was a prank made by Balaji. But when i came to know really the ring was lost i felt sorry for her.

Then my mom asked me to bring a bucket from terrace and when i went it was a surprise. To see Cake, my uncle, aunty, cousin brothers and sisters & Balaji handling the camera as usual. Then it was fun and time to shoot some snaps.

Then on coming down to home was surprised to see my college buddies Mr & Mrs. Vignesh, Sathish & Sudhir and it was all surprise and it is all planned by my sister. The came with Cake and gift and they took me back to my birthday we celebrated on 2000. I feel guilty that i never did anything special for her.

Then came a surprise gift from my mother, Balaji & sister. It was a Blackberry and today it is of big use as I’m not wasting time. Even when I’m in my rest room I’m making the time productive :). Thanks a lot guys.

Finally it was my sister who has won the day as she made it more memorable and she broke all my tricks to make prank of her.

Trek Polamaa Brochure

Find below the official brochure for our March 6 Trek Polamaa event created by Hari.

We request to forward this to your friends, family and office colleagues. We have attached a JPGs below for easy distribution through email, blogs, forums, facebook, orkut and other online communities.

We want to attract as many interested people as possible to attend this mega event/member meetup/photo exhibition/workshops/trekking gear display/presentations. Preparation is in full swing at this moment, 60+ members responded to our call for volunteers (we are contacting you one by one), 50+ members have contributed financially amounting to 20.000 rupees so far. We still require much more to realize this huge undertaking so please do support us.

Heart Filling Visit to CEO Lifestyle’09

I’ve been invited by the organizers of CEO LifeStyle’09 which happened at Chennai Trade Center. It was a fair for High Net Individuals. It was filled with products / services which come at a premium. 

Some of the products that attracted me were; 

  • Rolls Royce Car
  • Voles Wagen Car
  • Yachts
  • Cycles
  • Spa’s
  • Cigars
  • Golf Kits
  • Swimming Pools
  • Leather Items 

And there were more things but I was not inclined to them. Also I was happier that I was able to network with few individuals which made worth attending the event. 

Over all I came across to know things that were enjoyed by some Elite Clubs and has added a couple of things to the list of things I must achieve in my life. 

Over all it is a thumbs up for the event. And I thank the organizers for organizing such a great event.


VC Showcase is the first of its kind event in India where Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors showcase about their firms, explaining about their expectations from entrepreneurs. Each VC/Investor will have their own table setup only for meeting great companies and entrepreneurs

In short: 

  • 20 VC / Investors will showcase their firms.
  • 200 Startup CEOs & Aspiring CEOs meet and discuss with VC/Investors.
  • Wide range of sessions.
  • Social Lunch to network among the participants

 Date: 31st Oct 2009
Time: 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM
Venue: The Capitol Hotel,Rajbhavan Road, Bangalore.


  • Start-up founders will share their experiences of starting a venture, sustaining it and taking it to the next level.
  • VC’s will share their focus areas and funding strategies.

 Audience: Start-up founders / entrepreneurs.


  • Event will be attended by VC/Investor, and Start-up founders / entrepreneurs.
  • The event brings together Startup Founders to share experiences and interact with other start-ups in an informal manner.
  • The other guests, like you, will typically be experienced entrepreneur / investor / a person from the start-up ecosystem

 What will you gain from the event? 

  • Opportunity to interact with no. of investor/VC   Meet in Single Point.
  • Opportunity to interact with others in the startup ecosystem.
  • Share and learn from each others experiences in running businesses.
  • Potential to meet a business partner, investor, employee, etc.
  • Opportunity to build a strong startup community

Registration Fee: Startup/Entrepreneur => Rs.650/- (Per delegate)

Confirmed VCs : Accel, Ojas, Cleantech, Intel Capital, Sidbi, Mumbai Angel, TVS Capital, Acme Housing and Still continue..

For Sponsorships or Event Support, please contact Mr. Ohmprakash @ +91.9739721611.

Event on startup challenges

Event focusing on operational challenges for running a startup. The upcoming event (August 22, 2009) deals with hiring challenges in startups.

Here are the details

Hiring in a startup is a challenge – right from finding the right match, figuring out salary structure to keeping the employees motivated (especially in tight situation). While there aren’t any ‘right ways’ to do so, the best way out is to share experiences. is conducting a ‘Hiring strategy for startups’ event (half-day) where we are inviting entrepreneurs to share their experiences; and a HR consulting firm to show the ‘other’ side of the world.

Topic: How to combat Hiring Blues in Startups

Date: August 22nd, 2009, Saturday [10AM – 1 PM]


  • How do I structure employee salary? ESOP vs. Salary Distribution?
  • Employee Agreement – what are the points one need
  • I am not a funded startup and don’t have a lot of money to give away. How do I recruit smart people?
  • How do I judge the commitment of candidates when they are applying? [Share/learn from experiences…]

And related topics on hiring @ startups visit

Discover the Deepest Secrets of Money & Wealth Creation

Money is one of the most important and powerful resource. But Money has often been misunderstood and mishandled. The biggest lie you’ve ever heard or spoken is, “Money is not important in my life”. Money is as integral to your being as the air you breathe.

Our natural state is “rich”. Yet somewhere along the line some of us have lost our ability to connect to this huge blessing of abundance that always seems to be one step ahead of our reach.

This program welcomes you to a process of discovering the deepest secrets of money and wealth creation. 


Suresh Padmanabhan is an excellent communicator and a powerful trainer. He is the creator of the famous “MONEYWORKSHOP” and also the Author of the book ” I LOVE MONEY” , an International Best Seller which has been translated into 11 Indian and foreign languages .

He has toured widely all over the world conducting Money Workshops. His talks have been telecast world wide through Zee networks a leading Indian T.V. Channel.

He has spoken to more than a million people world wide and also to various corporate on varied topics connected with self growth, money, wealth creation, spirituality and the stock markets. He is a columnist with leading magazines.

His aim is to impact the millions of people world wide and raise their level of consciousness in all areas of life especially in aspects pertaining to money and spirituality.

For details visit: 


Date: 1st August 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 3.30 pm to 6.00 pm
Venue: Nahar Hall a/c , Desabandhu Plaza,
47, Whites’ road, Royapettah
(Next to Sundaram Towers),
Chennai – 600014.

Special Offer for Chennai Entrepreneur Meet up Members: Only Rs.200/- only if you confirm your participation right away by calling 9841438486 ( if you are a member of Life Academy the program is entirely free )

As the seats are limited, we request you to confirm at the earliest to avoid any disappointment.

This program is organized by LIFE ACADEMY – a life skills training organization based at Chennai which aims at creating Leaders of Tomorrow.

Buzz 140 – Nice initiative Less Informative

Attended TwitterCamp last Sunday at Photon InfoTech. I think The Knowledge Foundation is doing a lot for Brand Chennai. They have started to generate lots of sponsors. But for some reasons I found the topics were boring and there was nothing special about it.

To my surprise nearly 50% of the participants didn’t know what a twitter and there was a session explaining how to create an account, how to make tweets, how to retweet, what is a hashtag etc. So for someone who is familiar with Twitter such topics would be of no use… But as usual caught up with some friends and returned early.

I think I’m fortunate to be covered in their photo shoots twice.